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LIU Rockland Campus Teams Up with Rockland County Government to Help Public Employees Reach Their Full Potential


Hudson Graduate Center at Rockland,
Long Island University

Orangeburg, N.Y. - Making the resources of one of the nation's largest private universities available to public employees in Rockland County, the Rockland Graduate Campus of Long Island University has launched a new program of professional development for employees of Rockland County.

The Campus will offer programs consisting of three to five graduate-level courses in mental health counseling, business administration or health administration to Rockland County personnel. Upon completion of the courses, the County will issue a professional development certificate to each participant. The courses bear credit and will count toward full master's degrees should the employees choose to continue in their programs.

“We are pleased to partner with LIU to offer Rockland County employees the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally through this new curriculum,” County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef said. “We feel these programs will ultimately help county employees provide even better service to the people of Rockland.”

The longstanding Rockland Graduate Campus policy of offering special scholarships to Rockland County employees makes the program especially attractive.

“The Rockland Graduate Campus is poised to bring the strength and breadth of Long Island University to enhance the professional development of Rockland County employees,” said Associate Provost Nancy Low Hogan. “Our quality academic programs and faculty who are experts in their fields will assist Rockland County employees with their professional advancement. When county employees advance, our county and our communities all benefit.” 

There are optional concentrations within the programs. For example, the business administration program includes a finance concentration consisting of classes in financial accounting; corporate financial management; money, banking and capital markets; money and capital markets applications and financial report analysis. The management concentration includes classes in principles of management and leadership; managerial communications; organizational behavior; work, people and productivity and either management planning and control systems or human resource management.

In all, 34 master's level courses are offered in the three programs.

For more information on the Rockland County Employee Professional Development Program, contact the Rockland Graduate Campus at (845) 359-7200.

Posted 09/11/2006

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