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Long Island University is Helping High School Students Overcome College Admissions Challenges


Hudson Graduate Center at Rockland,
Long Island University

The Rockland Campus of Long Island University is launching “The College Application Advisement Service” to help high school seniors navigate through the college application process.

“The College Application Advisement Service was developed in response to an increasingly competitive college application process,” said Dr. Kathy Keefe-Cooperman, Psy.D., Program Director of Counseling Programs at the Rockland Graduate Campus.  “Acceptance into college is much more involved than it has ever been before. We want to provide this service to aid local students in this process,” she said. The program will be headed by Deborah Greenberg, M.S.Ed., and will utilize the services of trained graduate school counseling students. Greenberg has extensive expertise in the field of counseling with eight years as a high school guidance counselor and three years as a private admissions consultant.

The College Application Advisement Service (C.A.A.S.) will assist high school students with application timeline development, essay critiquing, resume writing, application assistance, and interviewing techniques.  It also will provide additional training to Rockland Graduate Campus students to increase their proficiency with the college application process.

The service will begin November 2007 with graduate counseling students meeting one-to-one with assigned individual high school students who enroll in the program. The graduate students will spend ten one-hour sessions with the high school seniors explaining and reviewing the entire college application process including applying to colleges recommended by their high school guidance counselors.

The Rockland Graduate Campus counseling students are studying to become certified in the School Counselor master's degree program. The process requires that the students take graduate level courses in college admissions and counseling, and participate in a supervised internship in a K-12 certified school setting to prepare them to become certified school counselors.

The cost for the 10-session College Application Advisement Service is a flat fee of $200 and will include access to proprietary online college databases. Long Island University School Counseling Master's degree students will meet with and advise high school seniors about how to complete their college applications. High school participants must already know the colleges they plan to apply to. For further information about the College Application Advisement Service, please contact Deborah Greenberg at 845-359-7200,
ext. 5413.

Posted 10/25/2007

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