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LIU Hudson and Purchase College co-sponsor Asperger’s panel discussion


Cindy Pagnotta,Director of Marketing and Enrollment
Hudson Graduate Center at Westchester,
Long Island University

The LIU Hudson at Westchester Counseling Honor Society co-sponsored a panel discussion with the Purchase College Supported Education ASD Program.  LIU Hudson’s Dr. Susan Goldman opened the discussion quoting Britain's leader in autism research, Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, who is a proponent of the neurodiversity position.   As she explained, “it is the position that postulates different but equally valid ways for the brain to be neurologically wired. Baron-Cohen contends that the term "difference" as opposed to disability or disorder is a fairer and more value free description to apply to AD."

The Purchase students, some of whom are on the Autism Spectrum, were interviewed by the LIU Hudson graduate students about the challenges of living with autism and Asperger’s disorders.  They spoke also about the positive aspects, such as being unique in their thoughts and feelings.  This successful event was well attended by students from Purchase College, their families, friends and the LIU Hudson graduate students and professionals who support the affected students. 

The presentation can be viewed in its entirety by following the link below:

Posted 05/13/2014

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