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Thomas J. Nardi, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Counseling and Development
Director of Counseling Programs at Rockland and West Point

B.A. Manhattan College
M.S. in Ed. St. John's University
Professional Diploma St John's University
Ph.D. St. John's University

Dr. Nardi has had a distinguished career with over 30 years experience in counselor education and clinical practice.  Dr. Nardi received his bachelor's degree in psychology from Manhattan College.  He attended St. John's University where he completed his Masters and Professional Diploma in school psychology and his doctorate in professional child psychology.  In addition to being the Director of the Counseling Programs at Rockland and West Point, he is a psychologist in private practice.  He teaches several of the required courses as well as two electives which he introduced into the curriculum: Spiritual Issues in Counseling, and, Mind Body Methods in Counseling.

Originally trained in the psychodynamic approach to therapy, Dr. Nardi was drawn to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.  He trained at what is now known as the Albert Ellis Institute. While there he supervised counselors-in-training, ran workshops, and most notably, co-led therapy groups with the late Dr. Albert Ellis.  He was also co-editor of the Institute's journal, Rational Living.   He eventually developed Eclectic Cognitive Behavior Therapy,  a synthesis of the leading forms of cognitive behavioral therapy.


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Other Publications

Dr. Nardi has written for a number of popular magazines on the topics of preparing for and dealing with crises.  These include crisis management, dealing with natural disasters, school violence, and posttraumatic stress disorders.

Dr. Nardi also wrote a sport psychology column for Martial Arts Training magazine from  1984-1999.  He was a syndicated columnist for a European martial arts magazine.  His column was translated into six languages and appeared in more than 42 countries.  He has had two children's books on the martial arts published:  Karate Basics (Prentice Hall, 1984) and Karate and Judo: How to Play the All Star Way. (Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 1996). 

Dr. Nardi  also co-authored a two act psychological drama, Some Things You Remember, which was produced by the American Theater of Actors, in 1986.

  • Research summary:  Investigation of Spirituality and Impact on Mental Health
  • Awards & Honors: 

Most recently, Dr. Nardi was honored by the New York Mental Health Counselors Association (NYMHCA) at their April 11-13, 2014 Convention in Albany, NY.  Dr. Nardi received the Deborah A. Arundale Award for Leadership.  The Leadership Award was presented by Dr. Joseph Franco, the president of the NYMHCA. Dr. Franco praised Dr. Nardi as "a role model, an  outstanding counselor educator for students, advocate for the profession and amazing supporter of NYMHCA".  He cited Dr. Nardi's active role in presenting, and having his graduate counseling students present, workshops and poster sessions at the NYMHCA Conventions. Dr Franco also praised Dr.Nardi's advocacy efforts with the state legislature on behalf of the counseling profession, and, his encouraging students to develop a professional identity by becoming active in NYMHCA.

Dr. Nardi's other awards and distinctions include:

The Jefferson Award for  2009-2010 (for civic engagement and fostering volunteerism)

Awarded University Chair by Long Island University for outstanding service to  
The University and Academic Community – 5/95

Testified before Senate Judiciary Committee as invited expert witness on child behavior and the martial arts, to give support to proposed legislation (S1363) designed to control mail order sales of martial arts weapons. Washington, D.C. – 10/85

Gran Croce al Merito del Lavora della Accademia Italiana per lo Sviluppo Economico e Sociale (Grand Cross for Meritorious Work from the Italian Academy for Social and Economic Improvement of Rome), awarded in
New York City – 3/85

George F. Steward Memorial Award for outstanding literary contributions to field of ethical hypnosis.  Awarded by the Association to Advance Ethical

Hypnosis, at the 27th Annual Convention, New Orleans, LA. – 10/82


Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Critical Incident Crisis Management; Mind Body
Methods in Counseling; Spiritual Issues in Counseling; Hypnosis

Professional Affiliations

American Psychological Association
New York Mental Health Counselors Association (NYMHCA)
Founder and President of the Rockland Region Chapter of NYMHCA

NYMHCA Convention Presentations

Nardi, T.J. & Kiggins, K. A Matter of Life or Death: Strategies and Techniques for Treating the Suicidal Client. 4/16/16
Gorzka, L., Rizzo, J. & Nardi, T.J. Creative Mind-Body Methods in Counseling. 4/12/14
Nardi, T.J. Spiritual/Religious Beliefs: A Hidden Resource for Counseling, 4/12/14
Donato, N. & Nardi, T.J. How to Get the Most Out of Your Internship Experience. 4/22/12
Giebelhouse, M. & Nardi, T.J. Movies on Your Mind: Therapeutic Use of Movies in Mental Health Counseling (Poster Session). 4/21/12
Lopis, F., Watkins, J. & Nardi, T.J. How Long Will You Last as a Counselor? Recognizing/Overcoming Burnout. 4/21/12