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Educational Leadership

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The Department of Educational Leadership prepares talented educators from public, charter, religious-affiliated and independent schools for administrative roles at the community, school, district, state and national levels.   The programs prepare students for positions of leadership (e.g., superintendents, principals, department chairs, supervisors, etc.) in urban, suburban and rural schools with diverse populations.  The role of educational leader becomes more challenging every day. Students must develop theoretical concepts and practical skills in order to be reflective practitioners who are able to promote social justice, create caring classrooms and school communities, and enable all children to be successful learners.

The pedagogical content of the courses combines theory with practice. An integral part of these programs is an internship experience which is fulfilled in collaboration with school/district leaders.  During this intense internship, focus is placed upon five areas: Administration/Organization/Business Management, School- Community Relations, Staff/Personnel Issues, Student Personnel Issues, and Curriculum & Instruction.

All courses stress critical thinking, reflection, and problem solving skills to prepare individuals so that they may be leaders in school change and improve student performance.  Coursework prepares students to draw connections between theory and practice and focus upon facilitating learning.  The Educational Leadership graduate programs are committed to preparing candidates who demonstrate the nine essential characteristics of effective leaders, promoted by the New York State Education Department.  Emphasis is placed upon the core domains of leadership and the ILSSC standards.

The educational leadership programs lead to eligibility for New York State certificates as School Building Leader (SBL) and School District Leader (SDL) as well as New Jersey Principal and Superintendent certifications.


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