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Degree Requirements

Program Requirements

Administration Core Required Courses (9 Credits)

Courses Credits
EDL 630 Administrative Core I 6
EDL 631 Administrative Core II 3

The administrative core sequence includes six interrelated areas within the field of school administration.
Core I includes: 1) human relations, 2) leadership, and 3) school-community relations.
Core II includes: 1) research, 2) school business, and 3) technology.

The core incorporates field experiences through which the student applies concepts acquired in class presentations and discussions.

Required Courses (15 credits)

In addition to the Administrative Core, students are required to take:

Courses Credits

EDL 632 Curricular Concerns in Public School Administration


EDL 637 The Supervisor in the School Setting*



EDL 633 School Business Administration*


EDL 636 Public School Finance*


EDL 635 School Law*




EDL 641 School District Administration: Problems and Issues 3
EDL 651 Internship in School Administration – CAS Level 6
EDL 631 Administrative Core II 3

(EDL 636 and EDL 637 are necessary for New Jersey Administration Certification.)

*EDL 637 is allowed as an elective when student opts to take EDL 632 to satisfy requirement and vice versa; EDL 636 and/or EDL 635 allowed as electives when student opts to take EDL 633 to satisfy requirement and vice versa.

The internship, required of all students, reintroduces the six major core areas to provide a synthesizing experience. Until students have satisfactorily completed required hours and competencies, the University supervisor will NOT submit a grade.

Prerequisites for the internship: EDL 630 (completed) and EDL 631 (completed or in progress), or permission of the Department Chairperson.

Electives (6 credits from the following)

Courses Credits
EDL 634 School Personnel Administration 3
EDL 644 Collective Negotiations 3
EDL 646 Special Education Law for School Administrators 3
EDL 647 Administration of Educational Programs for Exceptional Children 3
EDL 648 School Organization, Programming and Scheduling 3
EDL 649 Leadership and Administration in Multicultural Settings 3
EDL 653 Administration and Leadership at the Middle School Level 3

Culminating Experiences

  • Portfolio
  • Internship Project
  • Violence Prevention Workshop, Project S.A.V.E. (Schools Against Violence Education Act)
  • Child Abuse Identification and Reporting: 2-hour seminar
  • New York State Fingerprinting
  • Program Total: 30 credits