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LIU Hudson can help you to become a teacher, or enhance your existing skills and credentials. At this time, when K-12 education is in the midst of tremendous change, quality teacher training based on proven, clinically rich models is of greater value than ever. Whether you come to us directly from an undergraduate experience in teacher education or another field, or are already credentialed and seeking additional certifications (including advancement into educational leadership), we have the seasoned faculty and staff to help you meet your objectives. 

LIU Hudson offers personalized advising and excellent instruction in a caring and supportive environment. Contact us and experience the difference that private, affordable higher education can make.

During the 2013-2014 academic year, New York State teacher and leader examinations were radically altered, with new tests speedily created and administered.  These new exams align with the Common Core and New York State Learning Standards. The teacher certification exams are:

  1.  The edTPA – “requires the teacher to complete a student-centered multiple measure assessment of teaching using performance tasks.”* 
  2. The Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST) – “requires the teacher to demonstrate an understanding of evidence founds in texts and use cogent reasoning to analyze and synthesize ideas.  The teacher produces complex and nuanced writing by choosing words, information, and structure deliberately for a given task, purpose and audience.”*
  3. Educating All Students (EAS) – “requires the teacher to demonstrate the professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills necessary to teach all students (Diverse Populations, English Language Learners, Students with Disabilities and of other Special Needs) effectively.”*
  4. Content specialty Test (CST)-  (requires the teacher to demonstrate mastery of knowledge in content areas they will be teaching.)* 

In 2013-2014, these examinations were only required for those completing their programs after May 1, 2014. As a result, less than 1% of LIU Hudson teacher education candidates (14 in one instance and 15 in another) took the new exams.   By contrast, LIU Hudson teacher education students took 104 Content Specialty Tests (CST), the one exam where the standards had been raised, but the exam itself was retained. The LIU Hudson pass rate was 83% as comparable to the 82% pass rate for the 27,303 statewide CST –takers.

The education leader exams were also revised for 2013-2014.  School Building Leader (SBL) Part 1 “requires the school building leader to demonstrate ability to identify strengths and areas of need in the school’s instructional program and outline support strategies.”* On this exam the statewide pass rate was 73% and the LIU Hudson pass rate was 84%.  Similarly, on the SBL Part 2, which “requires the school building leader to demonstrate ability to identify a teacher’s strengths and areas of improvement, cite observable evidence as support based on the APPR rubric, and analyze evaluation data for human capital improvement,”* the statewide passing rate was 77% and the LIU Hudson pass rate was 84%.

*Test descriptions are based upon NYS Higher Education Certification Data (2013-2014).