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Degree Requirements

M.S.Ed. in Childhood Education (1-6) and Literacy (B-6)
(47 Credits)

Tier I: Core Courses (12 credits)

Course Number Course Title Credits
TED 500 Lives of Children 3
TED 505 Issues in Education 3
TED 510 Introduction to Students with Disabilities 3
TED 515 Multicultural Perspectives in Education 3

Before moving on to Tier II, students must demonstrate proficiency in the following ways:

  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Pass the Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST)
  • Demonstrate competency in writing
  • Satisfactorily complete the initial portfolio submission

Tier II: Childhood Methods Courses and Literacy Courses (31 credits)

Course Number Course Title Credits
TED 520 Language and Literacy 3
TED 525 Teaching Literacy and Language Arts 1-6 3
TED 530 Teaching Social Studies /The Arts 1-6 3
TED 535 Teaching Science/Technology 1-6 3
TED 540 Teaching Math/Technology 1-6 3
TED 545 Promoting Wellness in the Classroom 1
TED 610 Assessing Students with Literacy and Learning Problems 3
TED 625 Interventions in Reading 3
TED 640 Phonological Awareness and Beginning Reading Instruction 3
TED 620 Collaboration in Inclusive Settings 3
TED 710 Practicum in Literacy for Students w/ Learning Problems 1-6 3

Before moving on to Tier III, students should pass the Assessment of Teaching Skills – Written (ATS-W). Students must also be fingerprinted.

Tier III: Field Experiences (4 credits)

Course Number Course Title Credits
TED 705
TED 706
(TED 797)
Seminar and Student Teaching: Childhood Education
Seminar and Supervised Teaching: Childhood Education


Final portfolios should be submitted during the student teaching or supervised teaching semester. Portfolios need to be judged as satisfactory or better before the degree will be granted.