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Plan of Study

Structure of the Program

The basic structure of the M.B.A. program consists of four levels:

  • General Business Core – Six courses (18 credits) at the 500 Level
  • Advanced Business Core – Five courses (15 credits) at the 600 level
  • Concentration – Four advanced courses (12 credits) in Management, Finance, Healthcare Sector Management or Cyber Security at the 700 level                                  
  • Capstone Course – One course (3 credits) at the 800 level

The general business core courses are particularly important for students who have not had previous work in economics or business, or who lack comparable business experience. A student who majored in economics or business administration as an undergraduate may qualify for a reduction of some or all of the general business core courses, reducing the total requirements of the program. Further information can be found in the paragraph on waivers.


Students with undergraduate and/or graduate business administration training may petition the Academic Standing Committee of the School to waive courses in the general business core, up to the maximum of four courses (12 credits). Students shall have received grades of at least 3.0 (B) in two courses for each general business core course to be waived. If courses are waived for students, their performance in the remaining general business core courses will be used to assess eligibility for M.B.A. matriculation.

The Cohort Framework

Courses at each level of the M.B.A. are offered within a framework provided to each entering cohort of students. The cohort framework organizes course offerings by major themes, as follows:

Business Leadership and Decision-Making Tools
GBA 510 Financial Accounting for Managers
GBA 512 Principles of Management and Leadership

Building Analytical and Communications Skills
GBA 511 Corporate Financial Management
GBA 515 Managerial Communications

Utilizing Statistical and Technology Applications
GBA 516 Business Statistics
GBA 517 Fundamentals of Management Information Systems

Positioning the Corporation in a Global Economy
GBA 630 Financial Services and the New Financial World
GBA 611 Global Economic Environment
GBA 632 Marketing Management & Strategy

Managing the High-Performing Organization
MBA 633 Organizational Behavior
MBA 614 Operations Management

Mastering Critical Competencies in Management, Finance, Healthcare Sector Management, and Cyber Security
Four Advanced (700-Level) Courses in Finance, Management, Healthcare Sector Management or Cyber Security. Please see below under Course Descriptions.

MANAGEMENT CONCENTRATION: Mastering Leadership Competencies
MAN 722 Human Resource Management
MAN 752 Managing New Ventures
MAN 703 Project Management
MAN 750 Management Seminar
MBA 811 Business Policy and Strategy
[Capstone Course for Management & Finance Majors]

FINANCE CONCENTRATION: Mastering Financial Management Competencies
FIN 704 Financial Reports Analysis
FIN 752 Financing New Ventures
FIN 710 Mergers/ Acquisitions
FIN 715 International Trade & Finance
MBA 811 Business Policy and Strategy
[Capstone Course for Management & Finance Majors]

HEALTHCARE CONCENTRATION: Mastering Healthcare Management Competencies
HCM 710 Healthcare Sector Organizations
HCM 720 Healthcare Sector Finance
HCM 730 Healthcare Information Management
HCM 750 Adv. Seminar: Healthcare Management
HCM 810 Healthcare Sector Management Capstone
[Capstone Course for Healthcare Management Majors]

Executing Business Strategy and Policy
MBA 811 Business Policy Capstone Course
HCM 810 Healthcare Sector Management Capstone Course

MBA CONCENTRATION OR ADVANCED CERTIFICATE: The Business of Pharmaceutics and Biotechnology
PHS 901 Basic Pharmaceutics
PHS 902 Regulatory Compliance in the Practice of Industrial Pharmacy
MBA 656 Inside the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnical and Related Industries
MAN 704 Managerial Planning and Control Systems  

All of the above are three-credit courses.