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LIU Pharmacy (Main Building)

The three-story main building of LIU Pharmacy houses the Offices of the Deans and administrative staff.  Adjacent to these offices is the Dean's Conference Room. In addition, the first floor of the building houses the Office of Student and Professional Affairs and the Office of Student and Professional Activities.  An office suite for the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences is located in the basement of this building. The suite consists of offices for divisional faculty members and support staff as well as a conference room. The second floor of the building contains a student lounge, a faculty lounge, an office for student professional organizations, a lecture room, the Office of Continuing Professional Education and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. The third floor of the main building houses the Pharmacy Student Computer Laboratory, the Graduate Programs Office, and a quiet study room for pharmacy students.

William Zeckendorf Health Sciences Center

This six-story facility houses offices, classrooms, laboratories and student study spaces for LIU Pharmacy as well as the Schools of Nursing and Health Professions. The fifth floor is home to LIU Phamacy's Division of Pharmacy Practice. In addition to faculty offices the floor contains several classrooms and a research laboratory for the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The International Drug Information Center (IDIC) is also housed on the fifth floor. The Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences occupies the sixth floor of the building. In addition to division and faculty offices the sixth floor contains numerous research laboratories, a seminar room, a conference room and a study room for students.

Pharmacy Wet Lab Building

The three-story Wet Lab Building contains a mix of faculty offices, research facilities and teaching laboratories. The first floor of the building houses a Physical Assessment Laboratory that utilizes computer technology and other equipment to provide students with "hands-on" training and practice in physical assessment. Other laboratories located on the first floor are an Aerosol Technology Laboratory and an Industrial Pharmacy Laboratory. The second floor houses faculty offices and research laboratories for the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Pharmacy Dispensing Laboratory and the Duane Reade Integrated Pharmaceutical Care Laboratory. The third floor of the building houses additional offices and laboratories for the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the college's Animal Care Facility.

Office of the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Rutesh Dave, Director
Dr. David Taft, Ph.D. Program Director (Pharmaceutics), M.S. Program Director (Industrial Pharmacy, Cosmetic Science)
Dr. Vikas Sehdev, M.S. Program Director (Pharmacology and Toxicology)
Dr. Jun-Yen Yeh, M.S. Program Director (Drug Regulatory Affairs)
Marianna Azar, Coordinator of Graduate Programs

The Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences provides students with requisite instruction and skill development in biological, chemical, physical, mathematical, administrative, social and behavioral sciences, as well as selected areas from the humanities such as law, ethics and communications, and the application of these areas to both the pharmaceutical sciences and the practice of pharmacy. The knowledge imparted to the professional program student covers a broad range of topics such as biochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, toxicology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, health delivery and finance, practice management, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacy law, patient behavior and professional communications. Additionally, the Division is responsible for the delivery of the College's graduate programs.

Office of the Division of Pharmacy Practice

Dr. Anna Nogid, Director
Dr. Jane Shtaynberg, Director of Experiential Education
Fernando Gonzalez, Field Coordinator of Experiential Education
Josephine Salcedo, Coordinator of Experiential Education
Ashley Yohn, Coordinator of Experiential Education

The Division of Pharmacy Practice provides students with the requisite instruction and skill development for engaging in the profession of pharmacy in ways that optimize health outcomes from pharmaceutical and other related treatments and interventions, ensure the effective and safe use of pharmaceuticals and maximize the benefits to both patients and society at large from the use of medications. This is accomplished through both didactic course offerings in areas such as pharmacotherapeutics, physical assessment, drug information and literature evaluation, public health and medication safety, as well as introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences offered throughout the professional phase of the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Continuing Professional Education

Joseph J. Bova, Director

LIU Pharmacy serves pharmacists and  pharmacy technicians by providing numerous live seminars throughout the metropolitan area featuring outstanding lecturers covering a wide range of subjects. The College is able to satisfy the full range of a pharmacist's continuing education needs by offering over 60 contact hours of programming per year including the required (NY) three-hour course in strategies to reduce medication errors.

Additionally, Web-based learning (both on-demand and in webinar format) along with online registration is available. Visit the Continuing Professional Education website at or call 718-400-1065 for the latest information.

The International Drug Information Center

Dr. Joseph Nathan, Director
Dr. Sara Grossman, Drug Information Specialist

The International Drug Information Center (IDIC) of LIU Pharmacy is a comprehensive source for information on medications, dietary supplements and investigational drug products.  Established in 1973, the IDIC provides information to an array of users including pharmacists in all settings, physicians, nurses and related health care professionals, select lay consumers, pharmaceutical companies, attorneys, law enforcement agencies, pharmacy benefit managers, poison control centers, and other institutional and organizational clientele. 

Additionally, the IDIC provides informational support to College faculty and preceptors. The IDIC maintains a comprehensive library of resources containing information on U.S., foreign and investigational prescription and non-prescription products, as well as information on dietary supplements and herbal remedies.

The IDIC subscribes to numerous medical and pharmacy journals, specialized texts and commercial electronic databases. The Center also utilizes information from governmental resources as well as information from an in-house database. The IDIC is staffed by drug information specialists, clinical pharmacists, and pharmacologists who serve as faculty members at LIU Pharmacy and who are experienced in retrieving and evaluating medical and pharmacy literature. The faculty and staff are actively involved in research within the field of drug information and publish on a national level. The IDIC has a strong academic component, and is utilized as part of the curriculum for the professional program of LIU Pharmacy.

Office of Development and Alumni Relations


Computer Laboratory

Mary Dilligard
Secretary, Division of Pharmacy Practice
75 DeKalb Avenue, Room LB-04, Brooklyn, NY 11201-8423
Phone 718-488-1270