Vision & Mission Statement


Mission & Vision Statement

The mission of LIU Pharmacy (Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) is to provide Access and Excellence in private higher education to individuals from the culturally and socioeconomically diverse Metropolitan New York region and beyond who seek to become pharmacists committed to the advancement of the profession and to those persons who desire to become scientists devoted to research and innovation in the pharmaceutical and related sciences.

LIU Pharmacy strives to support the profession of pharmacy’s vision for practice, research and education by providing an environment that:

  • Prepares a continuing stream of new pharmacists well-prepared to deliver evidence-based medication therapy management and other pharmacy and health-related services as a part of interdisciplinary teams dedicated to patient-centered care and the general well-being of the public health
  • Inculcates the commitment and collective participation of faculty, students and other stakeholders (such as alumni, members of the Council of Overseers, and University officers) toward fostering: innovation in practice; advancement of the basic, clinical and translational sciences; application of new educational strategies; and engagement of other health care professionals from across the disciplines
  • Ensures, through the assessment and evaluation of desired outcomes and via continuous quality improvement measures, that student pharmacists are well equipped for evidence-based practice by acquiring a thorough didactic foundation in the biomedical, social/behavioral/administrative, pharmaceutical and clinical sciences as well as engaging in comprehensive experiences that foster the skills to apply the acquired knowledge to practice or enter PGY-1 residencies or fellowships following graduation
  • Provides academic, professional, and co-curricular opportunities that aspire to transform our students into intellectually vigorous life-long learners who are socially and professionally responsible global citizens
  • Delivers graduate education programs that prepare individuals for teaching, research, and other careers in academia, the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies
  • Offers affordable, convenient and high-quality continuing professional education activities to maintain, advance and enhance the competencies and ongoing professional development of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

LIU Pharmacy is committed to a culture that:

  • Strives for quality and improvement in all facets of its mission and embraces assurance of the same by the encouragement of comprehensive assessment and evaluation
  • Celebrates the diversity of its students, faculty and other stakeholders in an environment that fosters their professionalism, collaboration, ethical behavior, leadership and scholarship by supporting and attending to their differing needs
  • Embraces demonstrated and innovative teaching strategies that enhance learning, promote interprofessional collaboration, support the varied needs of students, and prepare learners for the continuum of lifelong education
  • Supports the continuing professional development of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists through graduate programs, continuing professional education, faculty, staff and preceptor development, and other forms of postgraduate education and training
  • Encourages the involvement and innovation of stakeholders in maintaining and improving contemporary pharmacy practice and visioning for its future by engendering and enhancing professional skills through education, committing to the delivery of pharmacist-delivered patient-centered care and other services, and embracing the application of scientific advancements to practice)


  1. To offer an exemplary student-centered Doctor of Pharmacy degree program that prepares culturally and ethnically diverse students with the competencies necessary for the provision of entry-level pharmacist delivered patient-centered care, post-graduate training and/or post-graduate education
  2. In the interests of the pursuit of research and other scholarly activities, continue to offer, develop and implement degree and non-degree programs of interest to pharmaceutical scientists, pharmacists and other practitioners, consistent with College resources
  3. Secure and maintain sufficient human and financial resources to support academic programs, quality assurance, improvements in infrastructure, student scholarships and faculty research
  4. Evolve the educational environment of the College so that degree and non-degree programs meet the diverse learning needs of 21st century students
  5. Ensure through assessment and evaluation that all College programs accomplish their goals and meet stated and desired outcomes
  6. Maintain and enhance professional, community and global outreach efforts to further advance the practice of pharmacy, improve health, and serve as an avenue for experiential education and/or service learning