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Nino Marzella

Associate ProfessorClinical Pharmacy Specialist - NYHHCS Brooklyn Campus

B.S., LIU BrooklynPharm.D., LIU BrooklynM.S., LIU Brooklyn


Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease and Critical Care.


Plotkin P, Patel K, Uminski A, Marzella N. Telavancin (Vibativ), a New Option for the Treatment of Gram-Positive Infections. P T. 2011 March; 36(3): 127-128, 133-138.

Emerson CR, Marzella N. Dexlansoprazole: A Proton Pump Inhibitor with a Distinctive Delayed Release System, Clinical Therapeutics. August 2010. Volume 32; Issue 9 pages 1578-1596. (In-print)

Hubulashvili D, Marzella N. NPLATE® Romiplostim: A Novel Treatment Option for Immune (Idiopathic) Thrombocytopenic Purpura. Pharmacy and Therapeutics. September 2009. Volume 34; Number 9 pages 482 - 485. (In print)

Cocchio C, Marzella N. Cinryze® - Human Plasma Derived C1 Esterase Inhibitor for Prophylaxis of Hereditary Angioedema. Pharmacy and Therapeutics. June 2009. Volume 34; Number 6. Pages 293 – 295. (In print)

Emerson CR, Bercume C, Marzella N, Antonopolous MS. The Use of t-PA (Activase®) for the Treatment of an Empyema in an Adult Patient. The Journal of Pharmacy Practice. February 2009. Volume 22; Number 1. Pages 117-123. (In print)

Emerson CR, Antonopolous MS, Marzella N, Grossman S. Economic Impact of Implementing Pneumonia Treatment Guidelines for Intravenous to Oral Conversion. Hospital Pharmacy. November 2008. Volume 43; Number 11. pages 886 – 894. (In print)

Emerson CR, Marzella N. Ramoplanin: A Promising New Treatment for Clostridium difficile - Associated Diarrhea and Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus. Pharmacy and Therapeutics. October 2007. Volume 32; Number 10. pages 535 – 543. (In print)

Abrams P, Marzella N. Dabigatran (Rendix®): A Promising New Oral Direct Thrombin Inhibitor. Pharmacy and Therapeutics. May 2007. Volume 32; Number 5. pages 271 – 5. (In print)

Marzella N. Baraclude® For treatment of chronic Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection. Pharmacy and Therapeutics. June 2006; 31 (6) 313 – 320. (In print)

Marzella N, Kourlas H. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) a review and update. New York State Journal of Health System-Pharmacy. NYJHP.24; (6) 7 – 16. (In print)

Marzella N, Antonopoulos MS. Sculptra®: A novel treatment approach for HIV – associated facial lipoatrophy. Pharmacy and Therapeutics. April 2005; 30 (4) 206 – 14. (In print)

Hilas O, Marzella N. Ximelagatran (Exanta®): A product review and update. Pharmacy and Therapeutics. February 2005; 30 (2) 92 – 95. (In print)

Stone EA, Marzella N. Infectious diseases: what every pharmacist needs to know. A focus on SARS and WNV. NYJHP. July – August 2004; 8 – 19. (0.2 CEU for completion of post exam) (In print)

Hilas O, Marzella N. FluMist®: A live attenuated influenza vaccine. Pharmacy and Therapeutics. 2004; 29 (2) 84 – 88. (In print)

Lectures and Presentations

NEW DRUG UPDATE 2011, “New antivirals for the management of Hepatitis C and HIV”
Presented at the LAGUARDIA MARRIOTT HOTEL (2011)
“The frequency of vitamin B12 monitoring and deficiency in the New York Harbor Healthcare System.” Kushbu Patel, PharmD, Helena Guber, MD, Charles Sharkey, PharmD, MS, MBA., Nino Marzella, BS,MS, PharmD. 45th Annual American Society of Health-system Pharmacists Clinical Midyear Meeting, 2010. Anaheim, CA.
“Clinical Pearls for ADM and Drug-Drug Interactions” Presented at the NYHHCS – Brooklyn Campus (2009)
“Clostridium difficile” Review of Treatment Options in the ICU patient” presented at the NYHHCS – Brooklyn Campus (2009)
“Review Acetaminophen, Opioids and Benzodiazepine Overdose” presented at the NYHHCS – Brooklyn Campus (2008)
“Overview of Influenza and Pneumonia” presented at the NYHHCS – Brooklyn Campus (2008)
“Diabetes a Global Epidemic: Prevention and Treatment” – PROGRAM “Treatment of Infections in the Diabetic Patient” presented at the Marriott Hotel; East Elmhurst, New York. (2008)
“Management and Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection” presented to NYHHCS Manhattan, St. Albans and LIVE in Brooklyn Campus. (2007) “Managing Acute Bronchospasm: Asthma and COPD” - PROGRAM “Managing Acute Bronchospasm in COPD” presented at the Holiday Inn, JFK Airport; Jamaica, New York. (2007)
“Thrombolytics in Stroke” presented to the NYHHCS - Brooklyn Campus ( 2007)
“Prevention of Stress Ulcers in the ICU” presented to NYHHCS -Brooklyn Campus (2007)
“Devices for Inhalation” presented to the NYHHCS - Brooklyn Campus (2007)
“Allergies and Anaphylaxis” presented to NYHHCS - Brooklyn Campus (2007)
“Evaluating student professionalism through the implementation of a student-led workshop during an annual P-3 orientation program.” Rahul Bhambri, Charnicia Huggins, Helen Kourlas, Nino Marzella, Lorraine Cicero and Liesel Schumacher. To be presented at Mid- Year, Las Vegas December 2007.

Professional Affiliations

American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP)
American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA)
American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP)
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP)

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