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PreProfessional Phase Course of Study

The preprofessional phase of the program, offered through Richard L. Conolly College, consists of a minimum of four semesters of coursework in the liberal arts and sciences. Successful completion of two years of preprofessional study (P-1 and P-2) provides the foundation for admission to the professional pharmacy curriculum. The course sequence for the preprofessional phase is listed below. For course descriptions, please refer to the Brooklyn Campus undergraduate bulletin.

Credentials of students attending other colleges for the preprofessional phase of the program will be evaluated on an individual course basis, and transfer credit will be granted for those courses meeting the requirements of the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Only those preprofessional students who meet the progression requirements, as outlined under the heading of Admission, will be admitted to the first professional year of study in the College of Pharmacy.

While the preprofessional phase of the program is designed to be completed in two academic years, students requiring proficiency and skills courses may have a lengthened course of study.

The preprofessional pharmacy curriculum consists of the following course of study:

Preprofessional Studies (Four Semesters)

First Semester

Course Title Credits
Chemistry 3 (General Chemistry I)   4
Biology 3 (General Biology I) 4
English 16* (English Composition) 3
Mathematics 30** (Precalculus) 4
Orientation Seminar 1
Total Credits   16

Second Semester

Course Title Credits
Chemistry 4 (General Chemistry II)  4
Biology 4 (General Biology II)   4
Core Seminar 50       3
Mathematics 40     4
Speech 3     3
Total Credits 18

Third Semester

Course Title Credits
Chemistry 121(Organic Chemistry I)  4
Physics 27 (Physics for Pharmacy)    4
English 61-64 *** (English Literature)   3
History 1 or Philosophy 61 **** 3
Psychology 3 (General Psychology)    3
Pharmacy Orientation Seminar 1 1
Total Credits 18

Fourth Semester

Course Title Credits
Chemistry 122 (Organic Chemistry II) 4
Biology 131 (Human Anatomy)     4
Economics 1 or 2
(Micro- or Macro-economics)  
English 61-64*** (English Literature)    3
History 2 or Philosophy 62 ****   3
Total Credits 17

* Students are admitted into English 16 by placement examination or exemption from English 13, 14.

** Mathematics placement examinations are required to determine prerequisites, if any.

*** All Pharmacy students must successfully complete two courses from the English 61, 62, 63, 64 sequence.

****All Pharmacy students must successfully complete both Philosophy 61 and 62 or History 1 and 2. Students may not select one course from the Philosophy sequence and one course from the History Sequence. The College of Pharmacy strongly encourages Pharmacy students to complete the Philosophy 61 and 62 sequence.