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Located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn, LIU Pharmacy is the first and only doctoral pharmacy school in NYC’s hottest borough and one of the world’s largest health care job markets.

The decision to pursue a career in pharmacy is a smart investment in your future. Pharmacists are patient-centered health care providers educated to ensure that today’s progressively more sophisticated and specialized medications are used safely and effectively. As a result of their important role, pharmacists are counted among the most highly respected members of the health care team.

LIU Pharmacy’s Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program is designed to prepare you for this rewarding profession. To acquire the necessary expertise, students complete a minimum of two years of college-level work in the liberal arts and sciences (the Pre-Professional Phase, years P-1 and P-2), followed by four years engaged in a rigorous professional curriculum (Professional Phase, years P-3 to P-6) learning about the pharmaceutical and biological sciences and patient care and gaining practical training in real-world health care environments.

Pharm.D. Pre-Professional Phase — Students who plan to pursue a Pharm.D. degree may enter LIU as freshmen and complete required prerequisite course work through the Richard L. Conolly College of Liberal Arts and Sciences during the first two years.  

Admission to the Pre-Professional Phase (P-1, P-2) does not constitute acceptance to the professional program. In order to begin the Professional Phase (P-3 to P-6), all students must apply by submitting an application through the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS). For more information, see the Transfer section of this page.

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Founded in 1886, LIU Pharmacy is the first and only doctoral school of pharmacy in Kings County and the oldest unit of Long Island University.

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LIU Pharmacy students gain professional experience at some of the top hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and health care facilities in the world.