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Admissions - Professional Program (Pharm.D)


Application Period for FALL 2015 Admissions is Now Open

PharmCAS application deadline extended to March 2, 2015


Pharmacists are patient-centered health care providers educated to ensure that today’s progressively more sophisticated and specialized medications are used safely and effectively. The need for pharmacists continues grow in response to the ever-greater variety of marketed medications as well the increasing number of patients that are on complex multiple drug therapies. As a result of their important role, pharmacists are counted among the most highly respected members of the health care team.

To acquire the necessary expertise students, after completing a minimum of two years of college-level work in the liberal arts and sciences, spend four years pursuing a rigorous professional curriculum learning about the pharmaceutical and biological sciences and patient care. Today, all pharmacy college graduates are awarded a doctor of pharmacy degree.

To learn more about careers in pharmacy check out these resources:

  • Pharmacy is Right for Me —  An educational site designed for middle school and early high school students, their families and educators. Provides the resources and information needed to consider a career in pharmacy.
  • Is Pharmacy for You? —   This site maintained by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy offers links to a variety of informative resources for upper high school as well as college students interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy.
  • Pharmacists —   Access to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook pages on pharmacists.

If you like what you discover about a career in pharmacy, then check back here and find out what LIU Pharmacy has to offer and learn about how to apply to our Doctor of Pharmacy program.


A criminal conviction and/or the use of illegal drugs may impede or bar your entry into your chosen field of study. Students seeking entrance into pharmacy, nursing, and other health and human services professions should be aware that the presence of a criminal record can result in the refusal of licensing/certification/registration agencies to issue the credential needed to practice in that field of study. Prospective students are urged to contact the pertinent state and/or federal licensing board to inquire whether a criminal record will have an impact on your eligibility to obtain licensure or certification.

Many of our clinical/field experience affiliates now require the completion of criminal background checks and/or drug testing for employees, volunteers and students affiliated with the site. Therefore, students who plan to participate in a clinical/field experience may be asked to undergo a criminal background check, and/or a drug screen. Students desiring entrance into the College of Pharmacy should be aware that our clinical/field affiliates can reject or remove a student from the site if a criminal record is discovered or if a drug test is positive. In the event that a student is rejected from a clinical/field site due to information contained in the criminal background check, or drug screen, you may be unable to complete a required clinical/field experience. If you are unable to complete program requirements, you may be advised to withdraw from the program.

Why Choose LIU Pharmacy?

The selection of the right college of pharmacy for you is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Find out about what makes LIU Pharmacy special and why it should be among the top candidates among the many choices you have. Learn more.

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Getting Started for Fall 2015 Admission

Depending on whether you are intending to enter LIU Pharmacy as a freshman college student or as a student in the first year of professional studies (requiring a minimum of two-years of liberal arts and sciences) there are different steps necessary to prepare for admission. Learn what you need in advance of making your application.

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    -  First-Year Professional Program Applicant

Deadlines for Fall 2015 Admission

PharmCAS application deadline extended to March 2, 2015 for Fall 2015 entry.

• Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS)
• Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)