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Mission Statement

As an integral component of LIU Pharmacy’s overall mission of ensuring life-long learning for its constituents the primary mission of the Department of Continuing Professional Education is to provide affordable, convenient and high-quality continuing professional education activities to maintain, advance and enhance the competencies and ongoing professional development of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. The Department strives to offer activities that develop and maintain proficiencies in the core areas of delivering patient-centered care, working as part of interdisciplinary teams, engaging in evidence-based practice, improving quality and applying information technology.

More specifically, to this end the Department seeks to offer activities in the topic areas of disease state management and drug therapy (including AIDS), pharmacy law and ethics, patient safety and the application of the principles of the biological, pharmaceutical, social and administrative, and clinical sciences to the contemporary practices of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

Finally, the Department endorses the emerging concept of continuing professional development and seeks to develop strategies that will assist pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in identifying their own professional needs for continuing education.