Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities:

The College of Pharmacy offers research training programs for students and trainees at all levels of the learning continuum. Emphasis is placed on the importance of high quality research experiences in the fields of Cancer Pharmacology, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Regulatory Drug Affairs, and Drug Discovery.

Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP)

The Graduate Studies on the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers the Summer Undergraduate Research Program an internship program for training undergraduate and professional students in biomedical sciences and pharmaceutics.  The main objective of this program is to train Pharmacy students to become Pharmacy-Scientists. The program provides with a broad knowledge in the fields of Pharmacology, Pharmaceuticals, Structural Biology, Cosmetics, Regulatory Drug Affairs, Drug Discovery. This program, prepares students for careers in academic Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Companies and Big Pharma.

Cancer Drug Discovery and Development Program (CDDDP)

The goal of the CDDD Training Program is to recruit, train, and mentor PharmD and graduate students in cancer research drug discovery and development so that they become next generation of researchers in this field.  The training program combines “hands-on” laboratory skills and research opportunities and mentoring from basic and clinical science investigators in established Cancer Research Laboratories and affiliated hospital settings.

Summer High School Internship (SHSI)

Initiated in 2013 this is a successful biomedical research mentorship program that pairs faculty from College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences with high school students and educators from Brooklyn Technical High School. The program allows each student to experience the scientific field of his/her choice in a “hands-on” manner under the guidance and supervision of faculty researcher at Pharmacy. Other science-related activities such as participation in laboratory meetings, journal clubs, presentations of obtained data compliment the student opportunity to benefit from the program.  This year we had 11 students who expressed the interest and we accommodated 5 of them in pharmaceutics and cancer research.


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