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Continuing Education Meets the East End's Needs


Morgan Lyle,Assistant Director of Public Relations
LIU Riverhead

There's a lot more to life on the east end of Long Island than summertime celebrity sightings. Vibrant communities in East Hampton, Southampton and Riverhead involve the full spectrum of society, from working immigrants to retirees.

The Continuing Education programs at the Southampton Graduate Campus offer residents of these communities practical education that is useful in their careers and personal lives. Local experts lead courses in real estate, English language skills and computer software, while the Center for Creative Retirement provides a forum where retirees conduct self-directed study of current events, culture or history and enjoy outings to museums and art galleries in Long Island and New York City.

The Campus is the center of real estate education on eastern Long Island, preparing students for New York State licensure and providing the 22½ hours of continuing education real estate professionals are required to attend every two years.

East End real estate agents tend to be people in second careers, said John Viteritti, instructor in the real estate program of the School of Continuing Education. "I've had attorneys, medical professionals, accountants -- you name it -- in my classes," Viteritti said.

E-mail and the Internet are common in modern households, but other software sometimes goes unused because it seems complex and intimidating. The School of Continuing Education can help turn mystery into mastery. Courses in Microsoft Word, Quickbooks and Excel enhance students' personal and professional lives.

Professionals make up a significant percentage of students in classes at the School's English Language Institute, said Patricia Maginski, ESL coordinator. Most are planning to take the TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language, which is required by American colleges and universities where instruction is in English, and also by many government and licensing agencies to evaluate English proficiency.

"A lot of our new students are coming here with college degrees or some level of higher education in the countries they're from. Their goals are either to get into a college or university here or transfer their current licenses - nurses, teachers, dentists, lawyers," Maginsky said.

Lifelong learning continues through the School of Continuing Education's Center for Creative Retirement, which brings post-career East Enders together for study groups, seminars and field trips focused on the arts, current affairs, history and science. Program themes for the fall 2006 season include Battles That Changed Wars; Good Guys vs. Bad Guys (in History), and Memorable Musicals of the 40s and 50s.

Now in its 26th year, the Center for Creative Retirement engages retirees in self-directed study groups, lectures, field trips and social events, employing the skills they acquired in their working careers to create stimulating and enjoyable programming. Members meet accomplished artists, writers and thinkers and share their own experiences. Membership benefits include access to Long Island University's extensive library system. Membership is by application.

For more information about the School of Continuing Studies, please call (631) 287-8316 or e-mail

Posted 09/12/2006

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