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CCR employs a we-run-it-ourselves way of doing things. Members share responsibility in curriculum planning, subject selection, and class presentations.

Each semester’s curriculum consists of whatever subjects the members choose; it changes from semester to semester. The subjects cover a wide variety of topics. 

Here are the Spring 2016 courses for which the members voted:

  • The Culture and History of Iran (formerly Persia)
  • A History of the Broadway Musical (including the Yiddish and Italian early-century theatres)
  • An Exploration of English-The Secret Life of Words-English Words and Their Origins
  • World War II on the Home Front and Abroad
  • The Musicals of Stephen Sondheim
  • Turning Points in American History
  • The Supreme Court: The New Term and Historical Precedents
  • A Meryl Streep Film Series
  • Food for Thought: All Aspects of Food, From Its Origins to Modern Fads
  • The History of Impressionist Painting

Miscellaneous “potpourri” topics (one class session each) and guest speakers will be included in the program, as well.