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Message from the Director

"The practitioner-scholar is that rare individual who is as comfortable and as competent in the rarified environment of academic scholarship as he or she is in the challenging, difficult and often gritty world of homeland security practice."

As Director of the Homeland Security Management Institute of Long Island University, I want to thank you for your interest in our graduate programs and welcome you to our website.

Our fully online 36-credit Master of Science in Homeland Security Management degree and our fully online 15-credit graduate-level Advanced Certificate in Homeland Security Management program are very unique, very innovative, and very challenging programs of graduate study. As a result of their rigor and our commitment to academic excellence, they are recognized as the nation's finest graduate programs in the Homeland Security field. We are the only fully accredited and fully registered Master's degree and graduate-level Advanced Certificate programs in Homeland Security in New York State, and the graduate credential our student colleagues earn affords them tremendous academic stature and professional value. Our graduates and our current graduate students have distinguished themselves as top leaders in the homeland security field, and we are all very excited about the Homeland Security Management Institute's achievements as well as its potential for even greater achievements in the future.

The Homeland Security Management Institute (HSMI) achieved a rare distinction in the summer of 2007 when, by an Act of Congress, HSMI was recognized as offering the nation's finest graduate education in the Homeland Security field and designated a Department of Homeland Security National Transportation Security Center of Excellence (NTSCOE). We are the only DHS Center of Excellence to offer a degree in the Homeland Security field (and the only degree program in the nation to be designated a DHS Center of Excellence), and this singular distinction makes a graduate degree earned from HSMI especially valuable.

The HSMI-NTSCOE programs have been designed and delivered by professionals, for professionals, and our policies, our curriculum and our philosophy of graduate education reflect our commitment to providing the nation's finest graduate education to homeland security managers and executives as well as our commitment to meeting the needs of busy professionals. Our courses are delivered entirely online in an asynchronous format that accommodates the highly changeable schedules of active professionals, and there is no in-residence requirement.

Our renowned faculty of Senior Fellows are all highly experienced homeland security or homeland defense professionals who hold doctoral degrees and other exceptional academic credentials. Our Senior Fellows – who do the work they teach – are the nation's leading experts in their respective fields, and their unique professional experience and expertise complements their exceptional academic achievements. This rare combination of academic achievement and professional competence result in a unique and valuable educational experience.

Reflecting our curriculum and the composition of our faculty, the Institute's philosophy of graduate education is rooted in a spirit of collegiality and takes a case-study approach that emphasizes best practices and embraces the notion of cultivating practitioner-scholars who will emerge as leaders in the Homeland Security enterprise. We refer to all members of the HSMI community as colleagues, because that is the most apt term to describe our interactions and relationships - together, our faculty and students engage in the mutual exploration of complex issues that have real consequences in terms of human lives and human safety, bringing in the voices, perspectives and experiences of professionals from a host of related fields and disciplines. This sense of mutuality and respect blurs the traditional lines between faculty and student. We learn from each other, and our Senior Fellows readily admit that they learn as much from their student colleagues as student colleagues learn from them.

Our case study and best practices approach resonates with practitioners because it permits the learner to explore a set of real-world events and extract theoretical principles from them, and then test the validity and reliability of those principles by applying them to other real-world events and circumstances.

The Institute seeks to cultivate and develop a nationally-recognized cadre of homeland security and homeland defense leaders who are ‘practitioner-scholars.’ The practitioner-scholar is that rare individual who is as comfortable and as competent in the rarified environment of academic scholarship as he or she is in the challenging, difficult and often gritty world of homeland security practice. He or she is the exceptional individual who can thrive in both worlds, who can move flexibly and fluidly between these disparate spaces, and who can incorporate the theories, perspectives and lessons of the schoolhouse with the reality of a world that has real consequences in terms of human lives and human safety - who can apply theories in a practical setting and who can inform theory with insights and lessons gleaned in practice.

We are justifiably proud of Homeland Security Management Institute, of our faculty and curriculum, and of our student colleagues. They make the Institute what it is – the home of the nation's finest, most unique and most innovative graduate programs in the Homeland Security and Homeland Defense field. We invite you to explore our website, to examine the qualifications and experience of our Senior Fellows, to look over our course curriculum, and to consider becoming a part of our unique learning community of practitioner-scholars.

If you have any questions or if I can help you resolve any issues at any time, please feel free to email me or call 631-287-8010 for more information.

All the best…

Vincent E. Henry, CPP, Ph.D.
Homeland Security Management Institute
National Transportation Security Center of Excellence
Long Island University – Riverhead