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Admission Status

A student may be admitted to LIU Riverhead for graduate study in one of the following categories:

  • A Full Admit is a student who has submitted all required documentation and meets all eligibility requirements for his or her degree program.
  • A Limited Admit is a student who plans to apply for matriculation but does not meet all academic requirements or has not submitted all required credentials. A limited matriculant must submit any missing application credentials by the end of the first semester he or she is enrolled. Any student accepted as a limited matriculant because of academic deficiencies must satisfy all conditions outlined in the acceptance letter to be considered for full matriculation. If the conditions of limited matriculation are not satisfied, the student may be permanently reclassified as a Non-Matriculant. Once all deficiencies are removed, the student must submit a written request to be re-classified as a full matriculant to the Graduate Admissions Office.
  • A Non-Degree Admit is a student who has a bachelor's degree but is not a candidate for a graduate degree and is taking a limited number of courses for certification, professional advancement or personal enrichment. Any non-matriculated student who wishes to be considered for a degree program must apply for a change of status and satisfy all admission eligibility requirements for his or her area of interest. Certain graduate programs do not allow visiting students. Please consult with the Office of Admissions for further information at 631-287-8010 or via email at .


An applicant for readmission is either a former degree-seeking student who has left the campus in good standing for a period of one Fall/Spring semester or more, or has lost degree-seeking status for at least one Fall/Spring semester. The student must file an Application for Readmission no later than two weeks before the start of the term readmission is desired. No fee is required to file an Application for Readmission. Students on an approved Leave of Absence for one or two terms are also required to file an Application for Readmission. The Application for Readmission can be found on our website in the Forms and Documents section.

Students out of attendance for more than five years must submit a new application and all supporting credentials. If readmission is approved, students return subject to the academic requirements posted in the Graduate Bulletin in effect at the time of readmission.

Deferring Admission

Once accepted to graduate studies at LIU Riverhead you may defer your admission up to one calendar year. Students who earn college credits during the deferral period are required to submit official transcripts for all college work and may be required to reapply. You must make a written request to the Admissions office and receive the approval of your graduate advisor. If approved, you must complete the Acceptance Agreement Form and pay the tuition deposit to hold your place at LIU Riverhead.

In order to be considered for a deferral, students must:

  • Be admitted
  • Not have already registered or attended a class/course for semester admitted
  • Indicated in writing prior to the start of the semester that they wish to enroll for a future semester

*Students who wish to “defer” are not intending to enroll in courses at any other college or university.
**Deferred students will be moved to a future semester without re-evaluation of academic record.

Transfer Credits

Graduate courses taken at other institutions before admission to LIU Riverhead may, if applicable to the plan of study, be credited to the graduate degree. Permission to transfer such credits must be requested at the time of admission, and official transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions office. Transfer credit toward the master's degree is normally limited to six semester hours of credit for courses in which the student has received a grade of B or better and is not recorded as part of the grade point average. Courses with a grade of B- or less are not transferable.

The Homeland Security Management Institute maintains partnerships with certain Institutions where students may qualify for an additional transfer of credits. Contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

Elective Course Option for LIU Students

HSMI courses are an option for graduate or upper-level undergraduate students in degree programs at Long Island University and other institutions who want to explore the homeland security field and/or expand their employment opportunities in this growing area. Students enrolled in other Long Island university degree programs who wish to take Homeland Security Management Institute courses for elective credit may register for these courses with the approval of their department and the program's director.

Admission of Undergraduate Students

A qualified LIU Riverhead senior who needs less than a full program to meet his or her bachelor's degree requirements may concurrently register for undergraduate courses and a limited number of graduate courses, the credits from which may be applied toward his or her master's degree requirements.

Any interested student must:

  1. Complete an application for graduate admission
  2. Be provisionally accepted into the department or school (if the student is accepted, the appropriate graduate department must notify the Records Office so that his or her graduate record is created)
  3. Make a written declaration of his or her intention to take graduate courses and reserve them for graduate credit and concurrently register for required undergraduate bachelor's degree courses
  4. Have his or her registration card signed by both the undergraduate and graduate academic advisors, and by the appropriate department chairperson and dean