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Steve Israel
U.S. House of Representatives, Second Congressional District, N.Y.; Member, House Armed Services Committee, Representative for Suffolk County, N.Y.

Congressman Steve Israel has represented New York's Second Congressional District since 2001, and is currently the assistant democratic whip. He serves on the vitally important House Armed Services Committee (Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land and Subcommittee on Projection Forces), which has principal jurisdiction for global and national security, the annual defense budget, defense procurement, troop readiness and morale. In this capacity, Congressman Israel is leading efforts in Congress to create defense budgets that reflect the new realities of global threat and conflict. As a member of the House Financial Services Committee, Congressman Israel plays a leading role in the crackdown on the international financing of terrorism. Israel is the founder and chair of the Democratic Study Group on National Security and chair of the House Democratic Caucus Task Force on Defense and Military, a group of 15 Members of Congress who will outreach to the defense community and advise the House Democratic Leadership on military policy. Congressman Israel also co-chairs the bipartisan National Defense University (NDU) Congressional Working Group, which advises NDU and serves as a liaison to Capitol Hill. NDU hosts simulations for Members of Congress and government officials that replicate national security threats and terrorist attacks and the appropriate federal response. Representative Israel is spearheading Congressional efforts to protect commercial airline passengers from the threat of shoulder-fired missiles (also known as MANPADS), and last year the House of Representatives passed legislation he introduced to stop the spread of these deadly weapons to terrorists.