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New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Waiver Policy

Full time students who are New York State (NYS) residents and have applied for the NYS Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) will receive an award notice from NYS.  Each semester, the award must be certified by the University based on certain regulatory and academic requirements.

Among the requirements is the obligation of the student to maintain NYS’ definition of “good academic standing” as it relates to the following:

  1. Pursuit of Program is defined as receiving an ‘A-F’ letter grade in a certain percentage of courses each semester depending on the number of TAP/State awards the student has received.
  2. Satisfactory Academic Progress requires students to accumulate a specified number of credits and achieve a specified cumulative grade point average each term depending on the number of TAP/State award payments the student has received.

If a student becomes ineligible for a TAP award due to the failure to maintain good academic standing as the result of unforeseen or extraordinary circumstances, s/he may apply to the University for a TAP Waiver.  In certain cases, the requirements regarding Pursuit of Program or Satisfactory Academic Progress may be waived once during a student’s undergraduate enrollment.  Waivers are based on an undue hardship that has affected the student’s ability to maintain good academic standing during a particular semester. A waiver may be granted only when there is a reasonable expectation that the student will meet future State requirements. Waivers are based on documented evidence of:

  1. A death or illness in the student’s family.
  2. Serious illness of the student.
  3. Other extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control.

Waiver requests must be made in writing to Long Island University’s TAP Certifying Officer and include a letter from the student that includes:

  • the reasons for his or her failure to meet academic requirements
  • an explanation of how conditions have changed so that future academic progress will not be impeded
  • pertinent documentation supporting the waiver application (e.g., physician’s written statement, death certificate, etc.)
  • a written recommendation from the student’s Dean


Please mail all waiver requests to the following address:

                Long Island University
                TAP Certifying Officer
                University Center – Mary Lai Building
                700 Northern Boulevard
                Brookville, NY 11548