Nominations for the 2014 George Polk Awards are now closed.

Nominations for The George Polk Awards may be submitted by news organizations, journalists, readers and/or viewers. The Polk Committee at Long Island University will be accepting submissions for the 2014 George Polk Awards from November 1, 2014 through January 15, 2015.

Awards Ceremony

An historic celebration of outstanding journalism from around the world.

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2013 Polk Laureates

See a full list of this year's winners and read their influential works.

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Honoring Intrepid Reporters

The George Polk awards are conferred annually to honor special achievement in journalism. Winners are chosen from newspapers, magazines, television, radio and online news organizations. Judges place a premium on investigative work that is original, requires digging and resourcefulness, and brings results.

Legacy of George Polk

In May 1948, while covering the civil war in Greece between the authoritarian government and the communists, CBS correspondent George Polk's body turned up floating in a bay, hands and feet bound, shot at point-blank range in the head.

An insider's view of the historic 2013 George Polk Awards in Journalism

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Panel of Advisors

John Darnton, Curator
Ralph Engelman, Faculty Coordinator

Lawrence Altman
Larry Bensky
Bergman Lowell
Carl Bernstein
Donald Bird
Ralph Blumenthal
C.J. Chivers
Stephen Engelberg
Karen Frillman
Juan Gonzalez
Martin Gottlieb
Bob Herbert
Seymour Hersh
Edward Hershey
Len Hollie
Alex Jones
Abby Kenigsberg
Jennifer 8. Lee
Joseph Levyveld
Charles Lewis
Elizabeth Llorente
David S.C. Liu
John Marshall
Jane Mayer
Melvin McCray
David Medina
Peter Osnos
Jennifer Rauch
Frank Rich
Gene Roberts
Robert Rosenthal
Paul Salopek
Ellen Schultz
Rhonda Schwartz
Adam Seesel
Stephen B. Shepard
E.R. Shipp
Curtis Stephen
Ray Suarez
A.C. Thompson

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Special Events Coorinator

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