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Proposal Review and Approval

When preparing grant proposals for external submission please be sure to work with Robin Nesby,, early on in the process and she will serve as your authorized signatory for Long Island University. Your first step in the process is to develop an accurate budget. Please use the budget template below when developing this budget. Further, Long Island University recently renegotiated its Facilities and Administrative (“F&A”) and Fringe Benefit (“FB”) Cost agreement effective 9/1/19. Please find that document below. So, when formulating this budget, be sure to incorporate these rates into your budget. If a particular sponsor dictates other rates, LIU will adhere to these rates providing they are administered uniformly to all grant recipients by that specific sponsor. Should you have any questions please contact Ivar Strand, Executive Director of Sponsored Projects at

Sponsored Projects Overview
Budgeting Primer on Externally Submitted Grant Applications
Budget Template
Facilities and Administrative and Fringe Benefit Rate Agreements 

Grant Proposal Routing Form

Effective November 1, 2019, the Office of Sponsored Projects will be implementing the new online IRBManager system for grant proposal routing and approval and the submission of the Conflict of Interest Annual Disclosure Form. Therefore, when submitting a new grant application, please initiate a Grant Routing Form along with the standard budget template, budget narrative/justification, and project abstract within IRBManager one month prior to the proposal deadline. Once the proposal has cleared the routing process, you will be authorized to complete the full proposal package. Additionally, please submit your annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure form prior to submitting the grant routing form through IRBManager, unless you have already done so. Please find instructions below on how to navigate IRBManager and submit these forms. Should you have any questions or wish to schedule training with the Office of Sponsored Projects, kindly contact Ivar Strand, Executive Director of Sponsored Projects at or by phone at (516) 299-2523.

LIU IRBManager grant routing form instruction manual
IRBManager quick guide grant routing form

Sponsored Project Policies

Many external sponsors (particularly federal) and regulatory agencies require that institutions conducting research or engaging in the grant enterprise have certain policies in place to be the recipient of funds. Starting January 1, 2020 all Investigators will be required to annually submit a Conflict of Interest Disclosure form. “Investigator” is defined as the principal, co-principal and all other key person(s) who are responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of an LIU program, project, activity or service described in any application made through LIU for funding or any grant award. "Investigator" shall include the investigator's spouse and dependent children. Stay tuned for a roll-out of an electronic disclosure form shortly. You can find LIU’s Investigator Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure policy below. Additionally, research misconduct is an extremely serious matter. If you will be conducting research at LIU it is very important that you adhere to the Scientific Misconduct policy attached below. Should you have any questions, please contact Ivar Strand, Executive Director of Sponsored Programs at

Conflict of Interest Policy
Misconduct in Science Policy

Research Contract Process

Often, as part of your research or grant program, institutions are being asked to sign formal contracts with sponsors or third party potential or actual collaborators. LIU’s Contract Application forms (CAP) should accompany all contracts requiring campus review. The two versions of the CAP form can be found below and the process is as follows. Should you have any questions please contact Ivar Strand, Executive Director of Sponsored Projects at
  1. One page CAP form should be used for funding contracts that are signed off by the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) inclusive of subcontracts to third parties
  2. Multi-page CAP forms should be used for agreements where funds are sent out to third parties with the exception of subcontracts
  3. All CAP forms should be signed off by originating faculty member and Dean and forwarded to OSP
  4. OSP will review agreement and forward to Legal and IT (if applicable) for their review
  5. IT should review all agreement that involve the use of new electronic platforms or have other IT implications
  6. Once those signatures are received on the CAP form, CFO shall sign agreements covered in Point 2 or just sign the CAP form and return to the OSP for signature as specified in Point #1 above
  7. Material Transfer agreement that involve a payment to an outside party should be signed off by the CFO. Those not carrying compensation can be signed off by OSP
  8. Non-disclosure agreement carrying no compensation should be signed off by OSP
  9. Once fully executed copies of contracts are received, OSP, Legal, Finance and IT (if applicable) will retain fully executed copies
  10. If applicable, fully executed contract shall be forwarded to Procurement for processing
  11. Data Use Agreements and IRB Reliance Agreements carrying no compensation should be signed off by OSP. Those carrying compensation are signed off by the CFO
CAP form (one page)
CAP form (multi-page)