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Scholarships, Grants and Loans

Undergraduate Scholarships and Grants

LIU Brentwood offers a wide variety of scholarship and grant programs, the majority of which are awarded at the time of a student's admission to the University. Eligibility for part-time financial aid awards requires a minimum registration of 6 credits per semester. Eligibility for full-time financial aid awards requires a minimum registration of 12 credits per semester.* Learn more.

Graduate Scholarships and Grants
Financial Aid Counselor

LIU Brentwood is committed to providing a wide range of grants, loans and scholarships to help you meet the costs of a quality private graduate education. All classes must be taken at LIU Brentwood each semester, unless special circumstances apply. Certain scholarships may be combined unless otherwise noted. Learn more.

*Please note: Scholarships (awards and/or grants) cannot be combined with the exception of the Referral Credits and depending on the program (major) and/or the scholarship awarded. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for details. Unless otherwise noted, scholarships will not be awarded during the summer semester.


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