Study Groups

One of the best ways to succeed in college is to be a part of a study group.

Typically a study group is a student-led group that meets regularly to discuss coursework, collaborate on various problems and issues, and offer different perspectives on the class.

The ARC can help you connect with other students to create Study Groups. Just come in to our center to place a Study Group request. We’ll create a sign-up sheet and help you organize times and locations. Depending on availability, we can even schedule to have one of our tutors visit your Study Group periodically to help clarify course content.

Study Groups are a great way to:

  • prepare for class and stay a step ahead
  • keep up with your homework
  • prep for upcoming exams and quizzes
  • meet other LIU Blackbirds

Want to join or begin a Study Group?
Just fill out our Study Group Application (coming soon) or drop by the ARC (Pratt 110) to request a study group. We’ll create a sign-up sheet so other students can join. Join or begin a Study Group today!