Global Social Entrepreneurship Program (GSEP)

Global Social Entrepreneurship Project (GSEP)

LIU Brooklyn Global Social Entrepreneurship Project (GSEP) in Sierra Leone

LIU Brooklyn’s GSE Project (GSEP) continues its ongoing humanitarian efforts to provide relief in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The School of Business in collaboration with the School of Nursing and the College of Pharmacy work diligently with city, health and government officials to assist and improve Sierra Leone’s devastated health care system. Since our initial visit in 2010, GSEP has launched two initiatives. The first initiative is the adoption of two Connaught Hospital Wards and the second is a partnership with West Africa Fistula Foundation to develop a medical clinic in Bo, Sierra Leone. The initiatives will create sustainable relief efforts in the impoverished African nation and focus on four challenges in the Sierra Leone health care system: infant mortality, lack of medical supplies, fistula complications and conditions, and cultural and awareness issues. GSEP is made possible through a grant by Santander Universities.

The Mission

The mission is to bring innovation and transformative change through the development and implementation of sustainable solutions in the health sector in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Students interested in participating in the Global Social Entrepreneurship Project should forward their contact information (including first and last name, student ID number, a valid email and contact number) to at your earliest convenience. Please type GSEP Prospective Ambassador in the subject line. The most promising students will be asked to complete a full application and invited for interviews.

Participating students will be supported by a grant through Santander Universities Global Division.


School of Business, Public Administration & Information Sciences

Ray Pullaro, Dean