KEEPS: The desired qualities of LIU Brooklyn Educators

The KEEPS mission statement of the School of Education addresses one of the most important questions in urban education today:
How can urban educators be expertly prepared to meet rising academic standards while recognizing the unique experiences and strengths of urban schools and their children.

Counseling & School Psychology

The Department of Counseling and School Psychology strives to inspire graduates to become effective and compassionate professionals who bring positive change to the communities they serve. The department is committed to affording access to individuals of all backgrounds and providing quality education and training that prepares students to work in a variety of settings.

Applied Behavior Analysis
Advanced Certificate

Bilingual School Counseling
Master of Science in Education

Mental Health Counseling
Master of Science
Advanced Certificate

Marriage and Family Therapy
Master of Science


The Sanford Education Collaborative is dedicated to the national advancement and ongoing research of the Sanford Education initiatives: Sanford Harmony & Sanford Inspire.


School of Education
LLC 2nd Floor
Dr. Albert Inserra, Dean