The following forms are available online for the convenience of students:

Regardless of the form being submitted, it must be returned to the Enrollment Services Office. These forms represent the official document required for submission. Hand-written letters releasing or withholding information will not be accepted as official requests. All requests must be notarized.

  • Authorization to Withhold the Release of Directory Information- Use this form to withhold the releasing of Directory Information (See above for definition) to any third party. Must be filed each academic year.
  • Authorization to Permit Access to Educational Records– Select the campus specific form below if you are allowing your parents (or another third party) access to your educational records on an ongoing basis. Release remains in place until a letter requesting cancellation is submitted.
  • If you have any questions regarding your rights under FERPA, please contact the Enrollment Services office at 516-299-2553 or e-mail your comments to registrar@liu.edu.

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