Experiential Learning Opportunities


Experiential Learning Opportunities (and More!)

Dr. Robert Valli, Dean of the LIU Post College of Management: “We are taking engaged learning to a new level, giving our students opportunities to develop the confidence and real-world experience that personify an entrepreneurial spirit—an advantage they can use to succeed in any field they choose. Our graduates enter the job market having already directly applied their education to meaningful work.”

LIU-iQ Consulting

Description: LIU Post's first client-paid, student-run consulting program! Student consultants execute semester-long business cases for domestic and international companies. Recognized as one of LIU’s most rigorous and prestigious programs, students gain the managerial, analytical, and interpersonal skills needed to successfully land internships and full-time positions. Top performing students are also given the opportunity to participate in all-expense paid international business trips.

If interested, please contact: Assistant Dean Graziela Fusaro (Graziela.Fusaro@liu.edu)

Student-Run Businesses

Description: Cultivate real-world business skills at LIU’s on-campus student-run businesses, such as The Student Body (a fashion boutique) and Browse (an authorized Apple products retailer and all-purpose technology center)! These micro-stores can provide real-world experience right on campus with running a business (accounting, management, marketing, etc.) as students independently manage, market, operate, and staff these ventures.

If interested, please contact: post-studentrunbusiness@liu.edu

The LIU Incubator Space

Description: Provides student entrepreneurs with office space and resources to take their ideas to the next level! Entrepreneurs have access to a network of experienced mentors who can offer feedback and guidance, as well as educational programs on relevant topics, such as how to write and pitch business plans to potential investors, build your brand via social media, code, and utilize Google analytics.

If interested, please contact: Assistant Dean Graziela Fusaro (Graziela.Fusaro@liu.edu)

Other Opportunities to Get Engaged:

  • LIU-iF: The Student Investment Fund (and the Financial Markets Lab)

If interested, please contact: Assistant Dean Ray Pullaro (Ray.Pullaro@liu.edu)

  • LIU-iM Marketing Club (and Branding and Licensing through LIMA)

If interested, please contact: Dr. Lauren Mayor (Lauren.Mayor@liu.edu)

  • Accounting Society/Beta Alpha Psi (Honor Society)/Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

If interested, please contact: Julia Raie (Julia.Raie@my.liu.edu)

  • Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) LIU Post Student Chapter

If interested, please contact: Courtney Tricarichi (Courtney.Tricarichi@liu.edu)

  • Financial Management Association (FMA) LIU Post Student Chapter

If interested, please contact: Dr. James Donato (James.Donato@liu.edu)

  • Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) LIU Post Student Chapter

If interested, please contact: Dr. Ibrahim Siraj (Ibrahim.Siraj@liu.edu)

  • Beta Gamma Sigma (Business Honor Society)

If interested, please contact: Dr. Patrizia Porrini (Patrizia.Porrini@liu.edu)