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Student and Faculty Research

Biomedical sciences student Priyadarshini Ravichandran presented the findings of a research project, conducted in collaboration with Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences Dr. Daniel Ginsburg, in a poster, titled "Tip60 Overexpression Exacerbates Chemotherapeutic Drug Treatment in Breast, Pancreatic, Lung Cancer Cell Lines," at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2015 Annual Meeting (March 28-April 1, 2015). Ms. Ravichandran was  awarded the ASBMB 2015 Graduate/Postdoctoral Travel Award funding of a maximum reimbursement of up to $1,000 US in allowable travel expenses. View the poster.

Multiple students from the School of Health Professions and Nursing presented posters of their independent research at Post & Beyond, the annual LIU Post event celebrating student innovation and discovery (April 2014). View abstracts of the presentations.

Assistant professor of Biomedical Sciences, Dr. Daniel Ginsburg’s article “NuA4 Links Methylation of Histone H3 Lysines 4 and 36 to Acetylation of Histones H4 and H3,” published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (November 2014).

Dr. Azad Gucwa, assistant professor of biomedical sciences, published “UIM domain-dependent recruitment of the endocytic adaptor protein Eps15 to ubiquitin-enriched endosomes,” in BMC Cell Biology (September 2014).

Dr. Barbara Messina, associate professor of nursing, published “Assessing Registered Nurse – Baccalaureate Degree Overall Outcomes (RNBP) Programs,” in the International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (February 2014).  Dr. Messina also presented “Opening the doors to the operating room: Part II a longitudinal study” at the International Conference on Nursing & Healthcare in Chicago (November 2014).

Dr. Kathy Isoldi, assistant professor of nutrition, published two articles, “Policy Regulation of Classroom Celebrations: Parental Perspectives” in Health Behavior & Policy Review (2014), and “Cooking Up Energy: Response to a Youth-Focused Afterschool Cooking and Nutrition Education Program” in Topics in Clinical Nutrition (April-June 2014).

Dr. Jerrilynn Burrowes, professor of nutrition, and Dr. Kathy Isoldi, co-authored “Counseling Approaches” a chapter in Nutrition in Kidney Disease, 2e (Humana Press, 2014).


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