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Dear LIU Post Faculty and Staff:

We hope that you agree that all of us at LIU Post share that same commitment toward student success, and work tirelessly to ensure that our students learn, mature and find focus. We leave the complex task of student education and academic development to you. At Career Services, we can assist and empower a student to form a success plan for his or her career future and support them on the road to implement that plan. However, by collaborating in this commitment and realizing that our tasks complement one another, we can ensure that we provide the students of LIU Post the best education and guidance to make the transition from student to professional.

How can we collaborate? Here are some things that Career Services does:

  • Student assessment and resources: We help students discover and organize their skills, interests, values and personality, and match those characteristics with potential career paths. We provide information about those career paths so that the student can learn the reality of working in that career. We also assist students with identifying graduate schools that may be appropriate for their continuing education through master’s and doctoral degrees.
  • Connections with employers: We work with employers who will be hiring your students after graduation. These employers have an interest in universities since we prepare their future employees. Career Services facilitates an Employer Advisory Board on which sit local employers who provide us with valuable information regarding student preparation and their performance on the job. They help us to formulate solutions so that LIU Post students are the most well prepared students they can be. We welcome all faculty to participate in this Employer Advisory Board to network and have discussion with employers who are interested in meeting you. Contact Jason Cascone for more information at or at 516-299-2259.
  • Cooperative Education: Cooperative Education counselors work with students to integrate their classroom learning with practical, hands-on work experiences. Co-op experiences can help freshman and sophomores build basic work skills and introduce them to the world of work, especially in a field that they intend to join after graduation. For juniors and seniors, Co-op can provide more advanced work experiences closer to what they will be expected to do after graduation. Co-op experiences can also help students begin to build a professional network, identify a mentor, and build their résumé with relevant work experiences crucial to marketability after graduation.
  • Career Events and Job Postings: Career Services organizes workshops, employer panels and on-campus recruitment events like career fairs and interviewing events. We also maintain JobNet, LIU Post’s Job Bank and Career Information Service, free to all students and alumni.
  • Job Search Preparation: Students can expect extensive job search preparation that includes: résumé and cover letter development; interview preparation, including mock interview opportunities; discussion and training on face-to-face and online networking; and how to engage in a job search in the 21st century.
  • In-Class Presentations: If you see a need for career prep information in class, including information on what to do with a major; résumé writing for a specific industry; interviewing skills; job search skills; networking; or any other career-related topic (we develop workshops for special topics too!), please contact us and we will be happy to assist. Please provide us with at least two weeks lead time, especially for special topics.

Please contact me if you have any question about our services, if you would like to refer a student, or if you would like to partner in another way to help lead students to professional success. My e-mail is or call at 516-299-2259.

I look forward to working with you in the future,

Jason Cascone
Director of Career Development
Career Services, Division for Student Success
LIU Post


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