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Students at Career Fair EventCareer Services at the LIU Post Campus is a full-service career office for students of Long Island University seeking career-related assistance.

We are located on the 2nd floor of Kumble Hall.

Call us at 516-299-2251 for an appointment, or e-mail us at with a question.

LIU Post alumni have access to the following FREE online services:

JobNet: LIU Post’s online job bank and career information system at

Optimal Resume: a multipurpose career prep system that provides easy to use resume templates, a mock interview module, and a way to easily develop a job search website.  Call the receptionist at 516.299.2251 to get a special alumni password to register.  Access OptimalResume at: . You can also request a resume critique through the OptimalResume Review Center.

GoingGlobal: GoingGlobal can be accessed from the homepage of JobNet (see link above) after your login.  GoingGlobal provides international and domestic job search information and resources for 40 countries and over 30 U.S. metropolitan areas.


Counselors in Career Services tailor each session to the needs of LIU Post students. Our staff can assist with career-related issues such as:

  • Choosing a college major or career direction
  • Writing an effective résumé, cover letter or other job related correspondence
  • Providing and interpreting career assessments to aid in career choice and planning
  • Improving your interviewing skills
  • Networking and building networking skills
  • Transitioning from college to work
  • Discovering your professional identity
  • Jump-starting your job search
  • Deciding to go to graduate school

Career Assessment Battery

This battery can include:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Self Directed Search (SDS)
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • Career Orientations Inventory
  • Career Thoughts Inventory (CTI)
  • CareerLeader (for M.B.A. students)
  • and other activities to assess career related interests, skills, and values.


OptimalResume is LIU Post's new online career resource system. OptimalResume can help you:

  • Build a resume and write cover letters and submit them for a critique;
  • Practice interviewing with an online mock interview system (you can use a webcam and microphone, just a microphone, or type out your responses!) and submit your performance for a critique;
  • Develop an online portfolio;
  • Create a skills assessment;
  • Record video resumes;
  • Develop a free online website with elements from the modules listed above with a unique URL.

Access OptimalResume at .  To register, students must use their MyLIU email address.The system is easy to use and contains quick online tutorials in each module to get you started.  You can also attend online live or recorded webinars to get more in-depth training (see the Optimal Webinars banner after you log in).  If you have any difficulties please call us at 516-299-2251.

E-Résumé Critiques

Students and alumni can request an online résumé critique using our new OptimalResume system. If you do not have a resume, OptimalResume will provide flexible templates to help get you started and then request a critique. If you already have a resume, you can upload your current resume and request a critique. You will need to have a free OptimalResume account to do this (please see above). To request a critique:

  1. Log into Optimal Resume
  2. Choose the Resumes module and either follow the prompts to create your resume or upload an existing resume
  3. Choose Review Center in the blue OptimalResume toolbar
  4. Select "General Document/Interview Review Group" from the Review Group dropdown and write a brief note regarding your needs
  5. Click Submit

A counselor will have your critiqued résumé back to you within 24-48 hours (longer during holidays, weekends, or seasonally busy periods).

Mock Interviews

Having difficulty interviewing? Why not sit with a career counselor who will videotape a practice interview with you? He or she will critique your presentation and give you helpful hints on interview concerns including:

  • question responses
  • body language
  • attire

You can also do a mock interview online using our OptimalResume system. Please see above!
We also can help you to put together a professional persona that you can be proud of!


JobNet is LIU Post’s online job database for students and alumni. Search JobNet for full-time, part-time, on-campus budget, Work-Study and cooperative education/internship jobs. There is also an Employer Directory and information about off-campus career events and fairs, LIU Post Career Fairs and on-campus recruitment events. Register or login to JobNet under the navigation box on the left.

Going Global

Are you interested in working internationally?  Going Global is LIU Post's online resource providing job search, visa, and cultural information for those interested in starting international careers.  Going Global also provides information about large cities in the US to help individuals interested in finding work outside if the NY area.  Going Global includes a large international and domestic job bank too.

To access Going Global you must have a JobNet account (see above).  After logging into JobNet, look for the large Going Global banner above the Announcements box.

On-Campus Recruitment and Career Fairs

Career Services does its best to bring employers to you! Each year we host employers who come to the LIU Post to interview students:

  • On-Campus Recruitment for Accounting......Fall Semester
  • On-Campus Recruitment for Education......Spring Semester
  • On-Campus Recruitment for all other areas are scheduled as requested by employers. See JobNet for schedules of events.
  • Career and Cooperative Education/Internship Fairs are scheduled 1 per semester. See JobNet for schedules of events.

Online Resources

The links below provide access to our workbooks. Additional online resources can be found here.

Finding On- and Off-Campus Employment

Below is a list of the types of jobs with their definitions and how Career Services can help you to obtain said job.

Types of Jobs

Cooperative Education (Co-op)

The Cooperative Education program at LIU Post is a voluntary job placement program that integrates classroom studies with predominantly paid, productive, real-life work experience in a related field. At LIU Post, students can get the best of both worlds — a high quality academic degree and an impressive résumé of practical work experience. Please visit the LIU Cooperative Education Program section of the website for more information or contact Career Services at 516-299-2251 to meet with a Co-op Counselor to discuss your next co-op position.


Internship and Cooperative Education are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably. In practice, co-ops and internships are very similar but the two have some technical differences.

  • Internships: At LIU Post, internships are usually completed for college credit through an academic department, are a part of the college curriculum, and are generally non-paid.
  • Cooperative Education: Co-ops are voluntary work experiences, generally non-credit and, in most cases, paid experiences. At LIU Post, you can begin working co-op experiences as early as your freshman year (after you meet minor prerequisites) while academic internships are usually reserved for your junior or senior year.

Experiential Education

Experiential education is a philosophy and methodology in which educators purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills and clarify values (from the Association for Experiential Education). Examples of Experiential Education are Cooperative Education and Internships.


The Federal Work-Study Program is designed to provide on campus jobs to students with financial need. The money earned may be applied to students’ tuition, educational needs or personal expenses. To receive Work-Study a student must apply for financial assistance by completing a FAFSA form and demonstrate need as determined by the federal government. Students can work up to 20 hours per week after the start of each semester. Work study monetary awards are listed on students’ My LIU accounts. If Work-Study is awarded, the student will be placed in an on-campus job by Career Services, pending availability of positions.

LIU Post On-Campus Budget Job

Students who have completed Work-Study or were unable to obtain Work-Study from the Federal Work Study Program may apply for on-campus budget jobs working for a campus department and getting paid directly from that department's budget. At times, budget jobs may be difficult to get as most departments fill their support staff with Work-Study students (see above). While some on-campus budget jobs may be posted in JOBNET, students can also ask their professors if they have budget opportunities, or check Aramark (LIU Post’s food service) in Hillwood Commons, Tilles Center, the Bookstore, and Admissions as these entities frequently have budget positions to fill.

Full-time Job

A job that requires at least 35-40 hours per week and can be a main source of income. Full-time jobs often come with benefits and/or health plans. Full-time jobs may be paid by salary or hourly work schedules. Career Services posts all full-time positions in the JobNet database. For assistance in attaining your full-time position, contact Career Services for an appointment at 516-299-2251. Counselors can help you plan your job search, help to prepare your résumé, and help you prepare for your interviews.

Part-time Job

Any position or employment that usually requires between 5-20 hours per week. Career Services posts all part-time positions in the JobNet database. Cooperative Education placement is also a type of part-time employment. Co-op employment has many benefits. Visit the Cooperative Education section of the website for more information.