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What Our Students Are Saying

The Cooperative Education Experience

“Looking at this experience it is one of the best things I have done for myself. I have learned so much about the business world. I have also learned more about my career choices and myself.”

– Michael Cavalluzzi, Senior, Accounting Intern at A and Z Pharmaceutical

“What I learned in school I was able to see in action at my internship. Entering journal entries and seeing the communication with clients made me realize I chose the right career...The lessons I learned I can take into my career and I have the ability to see where I need to improve before entering a full-time job.”

– Robert Schwartz, Graduate Student, Accounting Intern at L. Belgraier CPA

“I mostly enjoyed getting to help find and create promotional opportunities for the company. I was contacting radio stations in Hawaii…trying to find a plan that would best suit the company with the Guidance of the CEO. I was later given the opportunity to create brochures for the company to bring along to tradeshows in different cities. Due to the fact the office had a small staff I was able to work much more closely to the CEO and learn his techniques, strategies, ideas and methods.”

– Maria Lazo, Junior, Marketing Intern at Pillar Rock USA

“This internship has helped me grow as a person in terms of increasing my overall knowledge for investments, retirement funds and how a business is run in general. I feel like it helped me mature from a regular college student, into a business person. I feel more confident in business attire, being in a business environment, and talking to business people.”

– Brian Gloria, Senior, Financial Services Intern at Lincoln Financial Group

“My experience at Mortgage Enterprise, Ltd. definitely facilitated the improvement of my communication and office skills. On a daily basis I communicated with people of different age, gender and race. I really learned how to function in such a diverse group and accomplish my assigned duties and goals.”

– Jaclyn Templeton, Graduate Student, Legal Intern at Mortgage Enterprise, Ltd.