New York City Program

New York City Program

In the final semester of their senior year, students complete their LIU Global education in New York City. New York is the world’s great metropolitan hub, the place where people and organizations from everywhere converge. Based at LIU Global’s headquarters in New York, the Capstone Semester provides the opportunity for students to work with faculty and mentors to complete their senior thesis and to start their transition to post-college life through an internationally oriented internship. They are also able to deepen their specific academic expertise by enrolling in courses at LIU Brooklyn or, with help from their advisors, accessing relevant elements of New York’s infinite global resources through independent studies.   

Academic Overview

The Capstone Semester is a culminating stage in the B.A. in Global Studies. The integrated curriculum consolidates the knowledge and skills students have gained during their studies and travels around the world.  It is also a time for students to prepare for the next steps in their careers as they “re-enter,” transitioning to life after college. The program includes several integrated elements:

  • Senior Thesis. Students transform the research they completed in their IRIS program in the fall into a senior thesis, framing their findings in the literature relevant to a major global issue. Students present their work in a poster session at a campus-wide research event.  
  • New York City Internship. Students secure an internship at an organization or enterprise relevant to their academic and professional aspirations. The internship is contextualized in an experiential course dedicated to New York as a global city.
  • International Governance and Global Issues. Students enroll in a course on international governance and current global issues, linked through field trips to international organizations. The course project aligns with the senior thesis.   
  • Excursion to Washington, D.C. Through a weeklong excursion to the capital of the United States of America, students gain access to the full range of governmental and non-governmental organizations that impact foreign policy, security, global finance, and activism.  

In consultation with their advisor, students are also able to enroll in courses on campus or conduct independent studies linked to New York’s infinite international resources. Through a combination of coursework, self-directed research, and field experience, students engage the global in the local, completing their four years of experiential education around the globe in one of the world’s great cosmopolitan centers.  


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