LIU Global Difference

LIU Global Difference

An Incomparable Experience and Education

In a highly competitive and global economy, real-world experience and the proven ability to communicate and work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds are key competencies that organizations and employers seek in new hires. These vital skills rarely appear on the typical bachelor’s degree transcript, but they are the core of every LIU Global student’s education.

The LIU Global curriculum is designed to prepare students—personally, intellectually, and professionally—for careers as leaders in many areas of the increasingly interconnected worldwide economy. 

From day one, The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies curriculum integrates classroom learning with real-world experience, emphasizing development of global leadership skills. Some examples of the Global experiential education include:

  • Promote human rights at a Moroccan NGO
  • Lead a Costa Rican youth troop on a rainforest trek
  • Study Indian Pop Culture in New Delhi
  • Volunteer at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park  
  • Visit the cell where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for his anti-apartheid activism
  • Learn about Panama’s indigenous people on a visit to the San Blas Archipelago
  • Participate in Hindu rituals in India alongside thousands of devotees at Tirupati, the most visited pilgrimage site in the world
  • Study Tai Chi in China and Salsa in Latin America
  • Visit Byzantine ruins and learn about ancient Christianity in Turkey
  • Participate in the Model United Nations Conference at the University of Peace in Costa Rica
  • Aid sustainability-oriented businesses in building alternative energy systems and organic farms in Australia
  • Introduce Chinese students to climate change and sustainable agriculture
  • Spend a night at a Buddhist monastery learning traditional practices from Taiwanese monks
  • Interview Turkish student-peers among ancient ruins
  • Help homeless children develop skills to survive in Nicaragua
  • Take a 21-kilometer trek through the forests, mountains, and ancient communities along the Ancient Hui-hang Caravan Trail in Hangzhou, China
  • Set up camp in an Aboriginal bush camp in Australia
  • Tour urban artist communities in Beijing and hike the Great Wall