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School of Counseling

Counseling, Psychology and Therapy Programs

For more information, please contact Dr. Beth Weiner (Westchester County) at or Dr. Thomas Nardi (Rockland County and West Point) at

School Psychologists, School Counselors, Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists are in increasing demand by community educational, health and other organizations. These mental health professionals play vital roles in helping children, young people and adults to face the demands and stresses of a complex world.

The master's degree programs in counseling, psychology and therapy offered at the LIU Hudson campuses at Rockland and Westchester, and the West Point educational site, prepare students for a wide variety of professional careers in the areas of School Psychology, School Counseling, Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy. Recently, New York State law has changed to require individuals to hold a master's degree in order to work as marriage and family therapists or mental health counselors.

LIU Hudson at Rockland and the West Point center offer the programs in School Counseling and Mental Health Counseling. The West Point center also offers the Marriage and Family Therapy program. LIU Hudson at Westchester offers programs in School Counseling, Bilingual School Counseling, School Psychology, Bilingual School Psychology, Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy.

For some courses, students have the option of taking them at any of the three locations. Students should consult with their advisors for details and scheduling issues.

Counselor's Casebook Workshop

Counselor's Casebook, A New and Innovative Learning Experience at LIU Hudson at Rockland

School Counselor’s Career Opportunities

The career opportunities for School Counselors are now bright. In a March 4th article in USA today, School Counseling is considered one of the five most employable college majors. - Learn more.

M.S. Ed. in School Counseling
Advanced Certificate in Crisis Management 
M.S. Ed. in School Psychology
Advanced Certificate in Bilingual Extension for School Counselors
M.S. in Mental Health Counseling
Advanced Certificate in Bilingual Extension for School Psychologists
M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy
Advanced Certificate in Mental Health Counseling

Advanced Certificate in School Counseling