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Pharmaceutics Student

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The heavy concentration of pharmaceutical industry, health-related institutions and cosmetics manufacturers in the New York Metropolitan area provides unusual opportunities for both study and practical experience. Our convenient location and schedule, coupled with our excellence in teaching and highly regarded program, make LIU Hudson at Rockland an ideal location to further your studies in industrial pharmacy and cosmetic science.

The graduate programs are designed to provide the theoretical and conceptual framework that is inherent in advanced studies, and to promote the development of specific skills in various areas of pharmaceutical and cosmetic development and manufacture. Consequently, the programs have two major and consistent objectives: equipping students with the tools they need to succeed in research and enabling career advancement. Curricula are evaluated at regular intervals to ensure that they reflect current industry trends and emphases in medical and health-care practices. Students are afforded both didactic and experiential programs in order to prepare them for leadership positions in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Graduate courses in pharmaceutics, industrial pharmacy and cosmetic science listed are offered at LIU Hudson.

M.S. in Pharmaceutics (Online) with a specialization in Industrial Pharmacy or Cosmetic Science