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Council of Overseers

Council of Overseers

These pharmacy, industry and community leaders fulfill a key advisory role for the college.
Members of the Council of Overseers work with the dean and faculty of the college providing advice on important strategic issues.


Leon Lachman H‘12*

Sharon Sternheim*
Vice Chair


Salah U. Ahmed
Fredrick B. Cassera `84 (M.S.), `91 (M.B.A.)

Herbert J. Conrad ‘54, ‘60 (M.S.), H‘91
Arash Dabestani
Michael Fedida ‘72, ‘75 (M.S.)
Stephen M. Gross

Elan Katz `96
Ashraf Latif ‘91
Susan Mashni

Michael Melnicke*
Craig Ruffin ‘85
James R. Schiffer, ‘73 (J.D.) 
Frank Sosnowski `88 (M.S.)
Spiro Spireas
Thomas Sutherland
Judith E. Tytel

Overseers Emeriti
Ronald Demczak
Irwin C. Gerson H‘01
Jerry B. Gilbert H‘97
Frederick Klein ‘52
Mohammed Saleh ‘77 (M.S.)
Marvin M. Sirota ‘62

*University Trustee
**University Trustee Emeritus
H – indicates honorary doctorate from LIU


LIU Pharmacy
John M. Pezzuto, Ph.D., D.Sc.