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LIU Pharmacy Facilities

LIU Pharmacy Facilities

LIU Pharmacy (Main Building)

The three-story main building of LIU Pharmacy houses the offices of the deans and administrative staff.  Adjacent to these offices is the dean's conference room. In addition, the first floor of the building houses the Office of Student and Professional Affairs and Office of Student and Professional Activities.  Faculty office suites for the Divisions of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy Practice are located in the basement of this building. The suites consist of offices for divisional faculty members and support staff as well as a conference room. The second floor of the building contains a student lounge, a faculty lounge, an office for student professional organizations, a lecture room, and the Office of Continuing Professional Education. The third floor of the main building houses additional faculty office suites for the Division of Pharmacy Practice and a quiet study room for pharmacy students.

William Zeckendorf Health Sciences Center

This six-story facility houses offices, classrooms, laboratories and student study spaces for LIU Pharmacy as well as the Harriet Rothkopf Heilbrunn School of Nursing and School of Health Professions. The Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences occupies the sixth floor of the building. In addition to division and faculty offices the sixth floor contains numerous research laboratories, a seminar room, a conference room and a study room for students.

Pharmacy Wet Lab Building

The three-story Wet Lab Building contains a mix of faculty offices, research facilities and teaching laboratories. The first floor of the building houses a Physical Assessment Laboratory that utilizes computer technology and other equipment to provide students with "hands-on" training and practice in physical assessment as well as a student study space that facilitates group work. The second floor houses research laboratories for the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the Pharmacy Dispensing Laboratory and the Duane Reade Integrated Pharmaceutical Care Laboratory. The third floor of the building houses three newly constructed state-of-the-art research facilities: the Natoli Institute for Industrial Pharmacy Research and Development; Joan and Samuel J. Williamson Institute for Pharmacometrics; and the Leon Lachman Institute for Pharmaceutical Analysis. The third floor also houses the college's Animal Care Facility.

Natoli Institute for Industrial Pharmacy Research and Development

The Natoli Institute for Industrial Pharmacy Research and Development, established by LIU Pharmacy in partnership with Natoli Engineering, advances knowledge in the field of pharmaceutical solid oral dosage formulation and engineering. It furthers pharmaceutical compression science and supports research into the industry’s most complex challenges. The laboratory provides research opportunities for both Pharm.D. professional students and graduate students. Resources provided to the pharmaceutical tableting industry include new product manufacturing studies, tablet tooling, sticking and picking evaluations, and new formulation technologies.

Leon Lachman Institute for Pharmaceutical Analysis

The Lachman Institute for Pharmaceutical Analysis is a fully renovated 2300 square foot analytical laboratory equipped with advanced analytical instrumentation in support of pre-clinical drug development research, industrial drug development and compounding pharmacy activities. The core capabilities for the Institute are focused on physical and chemical characterization including: solid state properties of APIs/excipients and dosage forms, chemical characteristics and chemical stability, degradant identification and quantitation, and changes during processing and storage.

Joan and Samuel J. Williamson Institute for Pharmacometrics

The Samuel J. and Joan B. Williamson Institute for Pharmacometrics is a center for academic excellence training the next generation of pharmacometricians.  It is housed is in a fully renovated research laboratory with computer resources complete with highly sophisticated software packages designed specifically for quantitative analysis in the areas of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and drug design.

International Drug Information Center

The International Drug Information Center (IDIC) of LIU Pharmacy is well recognized for its long-standing history of providing evidence-based, up-to-date, accurate, and unbiased drug information. Since its inception in 1973, the IDIC has provided information about pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements to a varied client base including pharmacists, physicians, nurses, other healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, attorneys, law enforcement agencies, pharmacy benefit managers, poison control centers, and other institutional and organizational clientele. The IDIC also serves as a resource for the drug information needs of select consumer groups. Drug information specialists who are experienced in retrieving and evaluating medical and pharmacy literature and who hold faculty appointments at LIU Pharmacy staff the center.


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