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PharmD/MBA in Business Administration Program

LIU Pharmacy (the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) in conjunction with the School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences offers a dual PharmD/MBA degree program. Graduates of the PharmD/MBA dual-degree program earn a PharmD from the AMSCOPHS and an MBA from the SBPAIS.

The PharmD/MBA dual degree program provides students with greater knowledge and skills in healthcare career development and business services. Students receiving the PharmD/MBA degree will be well-positioned for broader career opportunities in the fields of pharmacy practice, pharmacy administration and management, health care administration, careers in various sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, in research, advance business and studies in academia

Advantages of the LIU PharmD/MBA Program
  • LIU Pharmacy (AMSCOPHS) students earn the doctor of pharmacy and the master of business administration degrees in four years
  • Benefit from a reduced cost for the MBA degree
Program Description

The dual PharmD/MBA program is offered to students enrolled in the professional phase of the PharmD program. Students must complete the first professional year (P3) of the PharmD program then spend the last three years (P4-P6) completing the required and elective PharmD and MBA courses. Students would begin the MBA sequence in the summer session between their first professional year (P3) and school professional year (P4) and will take prescribed MBA courses in addition to all but four Pharm D courses (3 didactic electives and one Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience). Students must be in good academic standing prior enrolling in the dual degree program and, if accepted, must meet the academic standards of both College of Pharmacy and the School of Business. PharmD students enrolled in the dual degree program will complete both degrees by the end of final pharmacy professional year (P6) and will graduate with their PharmD classmates.

Program Requirements

Applicants must be full time first professional year (P3) students at the AMSCOPHS with a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative grade point average at the time of application AND at the end of the first professional year.

Applicants must apply, to the dual-degree program, in the spring semester of their first professional year (P3) in the PharmD program:

  • Submit a letter of good academic/professional standing in the PharmD program
  • Submit a personal statement

All application materials must be submitted to the Office of Student and Professional Affairs (OSPA).

Students accepted into the PharmD/MBA program must change their major from PharmD to PharmD/MBA by completing a Change of Major form (The Brooklyn Campus of LIU, Admissions Change of Status from).

Program Information and Advisement

Students enrolled in the PharmD/MBA program will be advised by the College of Pharmacy on the PharmD program and PharmD courses and by the School of Business on the MBA program and MBA courses.

For more information about the dual program, please contact:

Dr. Jaclyn Novatt, Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs at 718-488-1234,

For more information regarding the MBA program and course registration, please contact the School of Business:

Linette Williams, Assistant Dean at 718-488-1072,


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