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Pharm.D. Program Quality Indicators

Pharm.D. Program Quality Indicators

Program Completion – Class of 2019

  • 200 students were admitted in fall 2015 as the class of 2019; 184 (92.0%) graduated on time
    • 3 students were academically dismissed; 5 students voluntarily withdrew; 8 students will have a delayed graduation


North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX®) Pass Rate

(January-December 2018)

Number of First-time Candidates: 187                                          Pass Rate: 85.03%

Post-graduate Training and Employment of the Class of 2018a


No. (%) of students, n=199

Employment in the profession of pharmacy


Community practice

113 (56.8)

Hospital practice

25 (12.6)


4 (2.0)

Managed care


Long-term care



2 (1.0)b

Employment outside of the profession of pharmacy

0 (0)

Post-graduate education/training



17 (8.5)


4 (2.0)

Other (e.g., MS, PhD)


Other/Lost to follow-up


Unemployed or actively seeking employment

2 (1.0)

Lost to follow-up

32 (16.1)

a Includes information on students who graduated on-time. Employment determined through survey, direct contact, employer, and/or other methodology through June 2019.

b Indian Health Service, Medication Utilization Auditing/Consulting

Post-graduate Training of the Class of 2018


  • 36 students participated in the match (entered match and submitted rankings); 21 students matched with an ASHP-accredited PGY1 program either in phase I or II


  • 4 students received fellowship positions

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