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Agnes Cha

Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice

Pharm. D., University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, ILPost Graduate Year-1 Pharmacy Residency, Veteran Affairs – New York Harbor Healthcare System, New York, NYPost Graduate Year-2 Ambulatory Care Residency, The Brooklyn Hospital, Brooklyn, NY


Dr. Agnes Cha graduated summa cum laude from the University of Illinois College of Pharmacy in Chicago, IL. Dr. Cha moved to NYC to pursue her interest in HIV/AIDS and ambulatory care. She completed a Post Graduate Year-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in New York, NY and a Post Graduate Year-2 Ambulatory Care Residency with a focus on HIV Primary Care at the Brooklyn Hospital Center. Dr. Cha has obtained certification as an HIV Pharmacist by the American Academy of HIV Medicine and is also a Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist. Dr. Cha is currently an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at LIU College of Pharmacy and has been practicing as an HIV clinical pharmacist at a HIV Primary Care clinic affiliated with the Brooklyn Hospital Center. She has implemented an interdisciplinary practice model and promotes pharmacist involvement on the medical team. She has also initiated a pharmacist-run Hepatitis C clinic and manages co-infected patients. Her passion centers on caring for HIV positive patients, both treatment naïve and experienced, and their co-morbidities as pharmacotherapy management becomes more complex. Dr. Cha serves as a preceptor for the Brooklyn Hospital Center's pharmacy residency program, for PGY1, PGY2-ID, and PGY-2 ambcare residents where she is a primary investigator for several research projects and oversees the Antiretroviral Stewardship Program. Dr. Cha also serves as a Director-At-Large for the Royal Counties chapter of New York State Council of Health-Systems Pharmacists (NYSCHP). She is also a strong advocate for expanding student experiences in resource poor countries through the International Pharmacy Practice & Public Health elective rotation.


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Lectures and Presentations

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Books/ Book Chapters

Cha, Agnes. “Chapter 37: HIV/AIDS” Primary Care, 2nd Edition: An Inter-professional Perspective. Ed. Joanne K. Singleton. New York: Springer Publishing Company, 2015. 555-585. 


NYSCHP Research and Education Foundation Infectious Diseases Research Award - April 2015

NYSCHP Research and Education Foundation HIV Pharmacy Research Award - May 2014

Preceptor of the Year, Brooklyn Hospital Pharmacy Residency Program - June 2011

Research Synopsis

HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C: Research centers on the management of patients with HIV and their comorbidities. Involved in evaluating the efficacy and safety of antivirals for HIV/Hepatitis C coinfection, evaluating interdisciplinary practice models and the impact of clinical pharmacists on patient care, reducing clinically significant drug-drug interactions with antiretrovirals, evaluating the reversibility of tenofovir related renal dysfunction, and applying cardiovascular risk assessment tools in HIV patients.

Current projects include assessing real-world experience with higher than recommended doses of lamivudine in varying degrees of renal impairment, and observing the clinical significance of dolutegravir and metformin co-administration.