B.S. in Art Therapy

The 120-credit Bachelor of Science degree in Art Therapy provides training for undergraduate students who wish to use their creative skills in a variety of health care environments. Art therapists are involved with disability centers, psychiatric hospitals, special education programs, drug abuse centers, community mental health centers, other health institutions and prisons.

The art therapy program explores the interaction of the visual arts with psychological theories and practice. The program emphasizes preparation for graduate training in clinical art therapy. Students who successfully complete a B.S. degree in Art Therapy can find work in the field or continue on to receive a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Art Therapy which qualifies for a creative arts license in New York State.

Students experience clinical practice in the field of art therapy during two 150 hour practicums. The program places student interns in over 90

therapeutic sites in the tri-state area.

Candidates for admission to the Bachelor of Science program in Art Therapy follow the same guidelines as other prospective art majors. Admission to the Department of Art programs is by portfolio review.

Admission Requirements

In addition to applying to the university, students must submit a portfolio for review for admission to undergraduate art programs.

Portfolio reviews are offered by appointment at Portfolio Review Days in Fall and Spring, at all LIU Post Open Houses, monthly in conjunction with studio class visits, or online at Call (516) 299-2464 to schedule your portfolio review.

All students who submit a portfolio for review are also considered for recommendation by the Department of Art to receive a Deans Office Award for Rising Talent (DO:ART) scholarship.

Program Curriculum

Course # Course Name Credits
Art Therapy Courses (18 credits) 
ARTH 1 Introduction to Art Therapy 3
ARTH 2 Art Therapy Theories for the Handicapped 3
ARTH 3 Art Therapy Workshop: Clinical Methods 3
ARTH 4 Art Therapy Practicum 1 3
ARTH 5  Art Therapy Practicum II  3
ARTH 8 Survey in Creative Arts Therapies 3
(One of the following)
ARTH 6 Art Therapy Research Seminar  3
ARTH 385 Honors Tutorial 3
ARTH 386 Honors Tutorial 3
Art Studio & History Courses (33 credits) 
ART 2 Studio Foundation I 9
ART 3 Studion Foundation 2 6
ART 21 Printmaking 3
ART 31 Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture 1 3
ART 35 Sculpture 1 3
ART 59 Survey of World Art 1 3
ART 60 Survey of World Art 2 3
CGPH 16 Digital Imaging 3
One of the following: (3 credits)
ART 11  Life Drawing 1 3
ART 12 Life Drawing 2  3
One of the following: (3 credits) 
ART 13 Painting 1 3
ART 43 Watercolor 3
Liberal Arts & Sciences Electives (16 credits)
Psychology Courses (12 credits)
PSY 101 General Psychology 3
PSY 120 Development Psychology: Childhood 3
PSY 220 Development Psychology: Adolescence 3
PSY 170 Abnormal Psychology  3

Course # Course Name Credits
Required Core Courses 
(32-33 Credits)
POST 101 Post Foundations 1
FY First-Year Seminar 3
ENG 1** Writing 1 3
ENG 2** Writing 2 3
MTH 5 Quantitative Reasoning 3-4 
Choose one course from each of the five below course clusters and one additional course from one of the clusters.
Scientific Inquiry & the Natural World
Creativity Media & the Arts 3
Perspectives on World Culture 3
Self, Society & Ethics 3
Power, Institutions & Structures (ECO 10 Required) 3
One additional course from one of the five above clusters. (ECO 11 Required) 3
General Elective (3 Credits from Any Course)

* Some courses may count as core and others as electives.

** In addition to ENG 1 and 2, students take at least 3 more writing intensive (WAC) courses as part of their major, core, or elective courses.  ENG 303 and 304 can satisfy the ENG 1 and 2 requirement for students in the Honors College.

Credit Requirements
Total Major Requirement Credits 60
Total Psychology Courses Requirement Credits 12
Total Elective Liberal Arts & Sciences Credits 16
Total Core Requirement Credits 32-33
Total Degree Credits 120


College of Arts, Communications & Design
Dr. Jennifer Holmes, Dean
Kahn 100, Kahn Hall