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Advisory Council


LIU Research Advisory Council’s objective is to promote a culture supporting research at LIU. RAC will develop an agenda, analyze, forecast and provide recommendations to senior leadership that foster research productivity, scholarly and creative activities of faculty anywhere in the world. RAC will make recommendations and report to SVPAA Randy Burd.

Advisory Council Members:


Richard Nader, Chief Research and International Officer


Gale Haynes, VP Academic Affairs, Brooklyn

Ed Weis, VP Academic Affairs, Post

Executive Officer:

Jenny Columbus, Research Development Strategist

  1. Nate Bowditch, Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Post
  2. Mohammed Cherkaoui, Vorzimer Chair, Professor, College of Management
  3. Kathleen Feeley, Associate Professor, College of Education
  4. Dominick Fortugno, Associate Dean, School of Health Professions
  5. Alan Gertler, Senior Fellow, Academic Affairs
  6. Jeff Idle, Endowed Professor, LIU Pharmacy
  7. Tom Inzana, Associate Dean Research, College of Veterinary Medicine
  8. Steve Liebling, Professor, Physics, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  9. Kevin Meehan, Associate Professor, Psychology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  10. Kenneth Morris, University Professor, LIU  Pharmacy
  11. Deborah Mutnick, Professor, English, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  12. Valerie Clayman Pye, Assistant Professor, Department of Theater
  13. Grazia Stagni, Professor of Pharmaceutics, LIU Pharmacy
  14. Ivar Strand, Executive Officer of Office of Sponsored Projects
  15. Chris Surratt, Associate Dean Research and Graduate Programs, LIU Pharmacy
  16. Peggy Tallier, Senior Associate Dean, Nursing
  17. Cheng Zhang, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Research Advisory Council will meet in the Fall-Spring semesters. Meetings will be held both in Brooklyn, and at Post.