Workshops Schedule for Fall 2019-Spring 2020

Fridays 10a—12pm VIA ZOOM

The eight-part RIO Academy is intended to provide LIU faculty with the knowledge, skills and understanding to successfully compete for extramural grants and contracts. The Academy is designed for junior, tenure-track faculty, but is open to all interested faculty.

Part 1

September 13 - LIU Proposal Submission Process and Research Services
Finding Funding (SPIN/Foundations)
Ivar Strand, Drew Carrick

Part 2

September 27 - Positioning and self-assessment
Following the Yellowbrick Road to a Successful Research Career
Rick Nader

Part 3

October 11 - Types of funding, Budgets, Proposal Components, Early Career Rick Nader, Ivar Strand, Robin Nesby

Part 4

November 15 - Compliance, Reporting and Core Elements for Research Ivar Strand, Lacey Sischo, Robin Nesby, Rick Nader

Part 5

January 31 - LIU Proposal Submission Process and Research Services Finding Funding (SPIN/Foundations) “IRS” Approach to Getting Funded Ivar Strand, Drew Carrick, Rick Nader

Part 6

February is Federal Funding Month - Presented by Lewis Burke Associates, LLC Deep Dives into federal agencies
February 7 - Health Agencies HHS, CDC, HRSA, SAMHSA
February 14 - Science and STEM ED NSF/DoE/DoD/NASA
Feb 21 - Arts, Humanities and Education DEd/NEH/NEA with Rick Nader and Jenny Columbus.
Feb 28 - “Navigating the National Institutes of Health” NIH

Part 7

March 27 - “Meeting Program Officers- what to and what not to say & do” “What goes on behind closed doors? Insights into the Review Process” Rick Nader

Part 8

April 3 - Private, International & Partnership Approaches (U.S. & Foreign Sources) Kiki Caruson (USF), Samantha Alvis (USAID), Mohammed Cherkaoui EU

April 10 and 17th - Clinical Trials: A two-part Primer TBD

Any faculty interested in receiving invitations to these workshops, please send an email to Rubina Jones Rubina.jones@liu.edu