The Roosevelt Scholars Program is an exciting full tuition scholarship opportunity for undergraduate students interested in politics, history, international relations, or environmental conservation. The program combines classroom instruction with hands-on history. High school students interested in the Roosevelt Scholars Program are welcome to attend the Theodore Roosevelt Institute Centenary Conference with their school. Click here to learn more.

Roosevelt Scholars will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to access history and analyze policy in a very real way, through visiting the homes and reading the hand-written papers of those who have made history. Roosevelt Scholars will benefit from LIU’s partnerships, which provide an unparalleled connection to President Roosevelt’s life and times. An opportunity like this is only available at LIU and only through the Theodore Roosevelt Institute. A regular series of speakers and conferences throughout the year will offer insight on leadership and the many areas that interested President Roosevelt.

Successful applicants to the full tuition Roosevelt Scholars program will have scored at least a combined 1350 on the SAT and have a 95 average. They will also embody the ideals exemplified by President Roosevelt: perseverance; hard-work; public service; intellectual curiosity; and dedication to preserving the environment. Roosevelt Scholars will pursue degrees in history, political science, international relations, public policy/administration, or environmental science.


Dr. Jessica Hayes
Chief of Staff and University Relations
Office of the President