Spring/Summer 2018 Locations

Title: Fashion in Paris
Destination: Paris, France
Faculty member: Cherie Serota, Cherie.Serota@liu.edu
Dates: March 9 - 16, 2018

A hands on look at Paris with emphasis on how fashion exists in Paris, the history, the business of fashion, and the cultural influences Paris has on the global fashion community.

Destination: Belize City, Belize
Faculty member: Dale Coffin, Dale.Coffin@liu.edu
Dates: March 10 - 17, 2018

This service learning experience takes place over the Spring Break period in March of each year with the departments of Occupational & Physical Therapy. This faculty-led experience accompanied by faculty from both departments typically takes between 8-12 OT and PT students each year. The students and faculty volunteer at the Inspiration Center located in Belize City, which currently has one PT in the country and no OTs at all. The students work under the supervision of the faculty to provide therapeutic assessments, evaluations and treatment strategies.

Title: Art Therapy International Social Action (ARTH 617)
Destination: Cork, Ireland
Faculty member: Christine Kerr, Christine.Kerr@liu.edu
Dates: May 2018

This international social action course offers an exceptional opportunity to explore the role of the arts and social action in the delivery of art therapy services in one region of Ireland. The course focuses on developing an understanding of the social justice paradigm in the field of art therapy. The term “social justice” is being used more frequently in art therapy, counseling, and related professions. This vision of art therapy has expanded to community building, empowerment, equity, and justice within both domestic and international contexts. Social action art therapy is not limited to a calling to help people in poor or developing nations. Additionally, art therapists have begun to discuss social justice that embodies the vision of a society that is socially, politically, and economically equal and in which all its members are physically and psychologically safe. In these field excursions, course participants will be able to experience and understand how social justice can be applied to all realms of art therapy practice. The course participants will be able to develop multiculturalism and cultural competence that effectively addresses a complex and multifaceted understanding of social action demands that all people have a right to human dignity and to have their basic economic needs met.

Title: The Art of Theatre (THE. 1/THE. 360)
Destination: London, England
Faculty member: Jon Fraser, Jon.Fraser@liu.edu
Dates: June 18 - June 28

This course will introduce students to the theatre, and specifically acting, in one of the world’s great theatre centers: London. Upon completion, students will be familiar with the art of acting, and with the city of London and its major cultural institutions, including their historical, political, and sociological significance in the world of art and theatre today. Students will travel to London, where they will attend theatre, visit museums and galleries, as well as historical sites, and explore the culture of this vibrant city. Attendance at these various activities is mandatory. Students will meet with the instructor every morning for a studio session on acting, in which they will work on improvisations and scripted material as they learn about the art and craft of acting. Afternoons will be spent visiting sites and cultural venues. On many evenings, students will go to the theatre. We will discuss plays that we see, which will be based, in part, on reading scripts when available, and will encompass both script analysis and production analysis.

Title: New Venture Planning / Seminar in Entrepreneurship (ENT 304 or ENT 701)
Destination: Turin, Italy
Faculty member: Edgar Troudt, Edgar.Troudt@liu.edu
Dates: July 8 - 27

Team up with students from around the world to develop a business, find customers, initiate marketing and pitch your business to real venture capitalist from Silicon Valley and across the globe. The course is taught through a real-life customer development context where students acquire the skills and know-how to develop their business idea all the way from the conceptual stage to the market place. The goal of the course is to inspire the entrepreneurial and ambitious participants to innovate and to prompt rapid growth; with the aim to achieve at least a 11OM USO valuation for their business. Students spend 8 - 10 hours per day for 15 days working on their entrepreneurship project.

Title: The Biology of Desert-Dwelling Bats
Destination: Sede Boqer, Israel
Faculty member: Kent Hatch, Kent.Hatch@liu.edu
Dates: July 29 - August 9

This course will use the study of bats in the field to explore basic concepts in animal behavior, ecology, and physiology. We will work with wild and captive bats, examining echolocation, flight, and other aspects of their behavior and physiology. The course will take place at the Sede Boqer campus of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. The site is rich in desert wildlife, including numerous bat species. Students will be introduced to these desert species, record bat echolocation calls and analyze them using computer software. After three days of training, students will be split into small groups and each group will generate and design a project to answer a question (test a hypothesis) that they have about the ecology, behavior, or physiology of bats. Mornings will be spent in lecture. Afternoons and evenings will be spent on projects. The weekend will be used for an excursion to the Red Sea, where students will be able to explore its coral reefs. Students will present the outcomes of their projects as well as a seminar on an assigned paper from the scientific literature.

Summer 2019

Title: Methods and Materials in TESOL
Destination: Heredia, Costa Rica
Faculty member: Karen Ogulnick, Karen.Ogulnick@liu.edu
Dates: TBD

This TESOL Methods course in Costa Rica will enhance coursework in TESOL by providing firsthand experience of what ELLs face every day. Through comprehensive classroom, internship and fieldwork experiences, participants will acquire skills to navigate and adapt to a new culture, learn new strategies to communicate in a foreign language, reflect on the challenges of living abroad, and apply the insights gained from personal struggles to teaching ELLs more effectively. In many cases, people return from extended periods abroad with new understanding not only about the new culture, but also with a different way of viewing their native culture. This course offers TESOL students the opportunity to grow professionally by developing the skills and dispositions necessary to work successfully with others in a global community.

Title: Diversity and Socio-Cultural Issues in Counseling
Destination: Cardiff, Wales
Faculty member: Jonathan Procter, Jonathan.Procter@liu.edu
Dates: TBD

The students within the Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) and School Counseling (SC) graduate programs will gain first hand knowledge, skills, and awareness of how the British mental health care system works. Through thoughtfully planned excursions, the students will see how treatment practices are implemented through the imagining guided studies which informs the Welsh National Assembly on how to appropriately allocate funds as a single health care payer system. A mental health facilitator’s workshop, as developed by the National Board of Certified Counselors International (NBCC-I) will be offered free, to the academic community. This would allow lay individuals a working knowledge of how to engage in therapeutic practices with individuals who might be reluctant to seek treatment with the ultimate outcome leading to referral. Students will also meet with faculty members to gain an understanding of how cultural competencies are assessed within the United Kingdom, and the path needed to gain certification and licensure with the United Kingdom’s Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).