Compensation Operations and Tax Compliance

The Compensation Operations and Tax Compliance Department oversees all of the University’s payroll-related functions. Its Payroll Office is responsible for scheduling and processing payroll in compliance with federal, state and local tax laws and regulations and union contracts. In addition, The Office handles leave-taken and hours-paid calculations, tax withholdings, non-benefit employee deductions, issuance and distribution of direct deposit and net paychecks, payments for deductions and union benefits, and general ledger posting. The Department, a unit of the Office of the Controller in the University’s Business and Finance Division, also provides significant input into tax compliance issues that arise throughout the Division, including those involving payroll system configuration, accounting responsibilities, issuance of annual employee tax statements (Forms W-2) and the filing of employer tax returns.

Joseph Pelio
Associate Controller for Compensation Operations and Tax Compliance

Maria Arena
Exempt Leave Reporting – Time Sheets

Paulette Bryan
Exempt PT Staff/Student Payroll Assistant

Luanne Cigliano
Part-time Clerical/Student Payroll Assistant

Kathleen Formicola
Exempt Staff Payroll Assistant

Susan Jensen
Payroll Accountant – Tax, General Ledger Posting & Reconciliations, Payroll Reallocations

Juel Kenary
Coordinator – Weekly Maintenance/Public Safety/Biweekly Administrators Payroll

Karen Neilson
Director – Non-exempt Payrolls (Biweekly Administrators, Clerical, Maintenance

Kim Wilkins
Director, Exempt Payrolls (Monthly Administrators/Adjuncts)